The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

Pto. Santa Cruz: Land survey by Ing. Lorenzo Maldonado, 1903
"Anglo" applicant names

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Note: The following names appear in the original petition. Many forenames have been hispanicised, and some have been spelled phonetically: in these cases, probable English names are provided.

Beets, Williams [Betts, William] Bertrand, Williams [William] Braizier, José [Brazier, Joseph]
Campbell, Rodger [Roger] Felton, Walter Greenwood, Jorge [George]
Hardy, Franck [Frank] Lewis, Frank O. Lewis, Guillermo [William]
Moore, Francisco [Francis] Noble, Juan [John] Richmond, Pedro [Peter]
Sinclair, J. R. Sutherland, Roberto [Robert] Thompson, Maximiliano [Maximilian]
Tom y Camerón [Thom & Cameron] York, Guillermo [William]  
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