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The British Presence in Southern Patagonia
+ + Wedding Announcements from "The Magellan Times", 1914-1918 + +


On Thursday last, at the house of Mr. Wippelmann, the marriage took place of Mr. Marten Witt of this town and Miss Gertrude Witt who has recently arrived from Germany. The service was performed by the Revd. J. C. Cater, British Chaplain. We offer our congratulations to the happy couple. [1 April 1914]
The marriage between Mr Gustavo Halbwachs and Miss Nora Krziwan will take place in the Parish Church at 6.30 P. M. on May 2nd. Our hearty good wishes go with the young couple. [29 April 1914]
At the New North U. F. Church, Edinburgh, on June 2nd., the marriage took place of Henry Randolph Christie, elder son of H. Duncan Christie Esqre., of 35 Mayfield Gardens, Edinburgh, to Rosa Emma Martha, elder daughter of the late Charles S. Felton Esqre., of Cabeza del Mar, Punta Arenas Chile. [22 July 1914]
The wedding took place in London on the 29th of August between Mabel Annie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Robins of this town and John William Douglas of Estancia Esperanza. After the ceremony the newly married couple left for Scotland on their honeymoon. Mr & Mrs Douglas are expected to arrive here by an early boat. [16 September 1914]
The wedding of Miss Dorothy Bond and Mr Tom Price Jones was celebrated on Friday the 30th inst. The Rev. J. C. Cater officiated at the ceremony which took place at the Royal Hotel. A numerous group of guests drank to the health of the bride and bridegroom after the ceremony and we join with them in wishing the happy couple all joy and prosperity in their new life. [5 November 1914]
The marriage of Mr Alex. D. Phillips to Miss Isabella Kearney took place in Punta Arenas on the 3rd November. We congratulate the happy couple. [5 November 1914]

On Wednesday afternoon the marriage of Mr Walter Joseph Morrison to Miss Ethel Clark took place at the Hotel Kosmos. Mr D. Forbes acted as best man and several friends assisted at the ceremony which was followed by a wedding breakfast. The happy couple left the same afternoon for Peckett Harbour. [18 February 1915]
The wedding is taking place to-night of Margaret, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A Sutherland of Punta Alta to Mr John Sutherland. Messrs D. R. Lethaby and R. Beckett are acting as witnesses at the ceremony which will take place in the Hotel Comercio. We wish the happy couple all joy and prosperity. [8 April 1915]
On Saturday afternoon the marriage was celebrated between Mr. R. E. Thompson and Miss Frances Florence Rosevear Cameron. The civil ceremony took place in Mr. A. A. Cameron's house in the calle Aconcagua at 4.30, followed almost immediately afterwards by the religious ceremony at the English Church, at which the Rev. J. C. Cater officiated. Miss Whittaker acted as bridesmaid whilst Dr. W. Dow performed the duties of best man.
A reception was held at Mr. A. A. Cameron's house in the evening, a large party being present, to wish good luck to the happy couple, who left at 11 o'clock on the same evening for Porvenir by the Keelrow.
We join their friends in wishing them every good wish. [3 June 1915]
Yesterday, June 9th, at the English Church, the marriage took place of Miss Karen Willumsen, daughter of Captain and Mrs. F. Willumsen, to Mr. Herbert McLean. The religious ceremony took place at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the Rev. J. C. Cater officiating. The bride who was dressed in white satin looked very charming and was attended by the Misses Olive, Thalia, and Thea Hamann, Miss Ellen Ericsen, Miss Lottie Nicol, and Miss Willumsen. Mr. A. S. McLean acted as best man, the bride being given away by her father.
The civil marriage took place immediately after, the witnesses being Messrs A. S. McLean, Thomas S. Boyd, R. Hamann, and C. F. Willumsen. The occasion was celebrated by a wedding dinner at the residence of the bride's father and was attended by their intimate friends.
We wish the newly married couple every happiness. [10 June 1915]
On Saturday the 21st at 8 o'clock in the evening the marriage took place in the English Church of Miss Madeline Sarah Bean, daughter of John Bean, to James Laurence McArdle; the Reverend J. C. Cater officiating. We wish them all happiness. [1 July 1915]
On the 24th of June the wedding took place at the Queen's Hotel of Mrs Alice Knight Santana, widow of the late Mr. Santana, to Alexander Bremner. We offer our congratulations. [1 July 1915]
On Saturday last the marriage took place of Mr. Julio Preller to Miss Francis Detleff. The civil ceremony took place in the house of the bride's mother, calle Valdivia, Messrs. Barrales and Zenon Murillo being witnesses for the bridegroom, and Messrs. Rafael Murkicich and C. A. Riesco doing a similar duty for the bride. We congratulate the happy couple and wish them long life and prosperity. [5 August 1915]
The marriage of Mr. Andrew Norrie Gallie to Miss Minnie Ross took place in Buenos Aires on Thursday, the 23rd. instant. We join all their friends in wishing them every happiness. [30 December 1915]

On Friday last the marriages took place of Mr. David Kerr to Miss Agnes Sutherland of Punta Alta and Mr. Alec McLean to Miss Elsie Wilson. The civil ceremony was performed in the afternoon the witnesses being Messrs. Russell Beckett and Alec McLean for Mr. Kerr and Messrs Russell Becket and David Kerr for Mr. McLean.
At the dinner party given to celebrate the occasion the following were present: Mrs. Sutherland, Miss Biggs, Mrs. Kerr, Mr. McLean, Miss Jean McGregor, Mrs. Gallie, and Messrs. A. N. Gallie, D. R. Lethaby, W. G. Pople, J. F. Terisse, Russell Beckett and Smith.
The wedding party left on Monday morning for Punta Alta.   [24 February 1916]
On Monday afternoon the wedding was quietly celebrated of Mr. S. Chisholm Williams of Liverpool and this town, and Miss Hilda M. Hodgson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hodgson of Liverpool who arrived by the Mexico.
The civil marriage took place shortly after the bride arrived on shore, the witnesses being Messrs. Herbert Robins and Bernard Townsend.
The religious ceremony took place at a quarter past seven at S. James' Church, the Rev. J. C. Cater officiating. The bride was given away by Mr. C. Arthur Riesco, whilst Mr. Herbert Robins carried out the duties of best man.
After the nuptial ceremony the bride and bridegroom, attended by a few intimate friends left by automobile for Rio Seco where Mr. and Mrs. Jones were giving a dinner to celebrate the occasion. Unfortunately the roads were not all that could be desired, the cars, notwithstanding the precautions taken, being bogged several times. The wedding party, however, arrived at their destination at a late hour and the good cheer soon compensated them for any discomforts on the journey out. The customary speeches were made and the health and prosperity of the newly-married couple toasted in the good old-fashioned manner. After spending an enjoyable musical evening the guests returned to town in the early hours of the morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Williams remained at Rio Seco where they are to stay during a short honeymoon.  [30 March 1916]
A telegram received from Rio Gallegos announces that the wedding of Mr. Nigel Dobree to Miss Flossie Hardy took place on Saturday in that town. We congratulate the happy couple.  [11 May 1916]
On Monday afternoon the marriage took place of Miss Estrella Gomez Adams to Mr. Gaston Boré Devigde. The religious ceremony was held at 6 o'clock in the Cathedral, Señor Salaberry officiating. During the service Miss Maria Correa sang Gounot's «Ave Maria». Later in the evening a dance was given by Mr. and Mrs. Gomez to celebrate the occasion, a large number of guests being present to wish happiness to the newly married couple.   [18 May 1916]
A pretty wedding was celebrated at S. James' Church on Tuesday afternoon; Mr. Harold William Carr-Rollitt having been united in marriage to Miss Cecilia Melville Cater, the eldest daughter of the British Chaplain. The civil registration of the marriage took place earlier in the day. The religious ceremony was performed before a numerous assemblage of friends, who had gathered to wish the happy couple every happiness. The father of the bride officiated.
The bride entered the church leaning on the arm of her elder brother, Mr. J. B. W. Cater, while Mr. Rollitt was attended by Mr. W. P. Bradley, who acted as groomsman. The bridesmaids were Miss Bell, Miss Perkins, and Miss M. Y. Cater, sister of the bride.
Owing to the non-arrival of her trousseau, Miss Cater was married in a fawn coloured costume, lined with white silk, and also wore a brown velvet hat; she looked extremely happy and charming. The bridesmaids also formed a very pretty picture. They were gowned in navy blue, with the exception of Miss Margaret Cater, who was in white. Both bride and bridesmaids carried bouquets of choice flowers.
The service was fully choral; the church being tastefully decorated with palms and with flowers. Mrs. France presided at the organ.
After the religious ceremony, Mr. and Mrs. Cater held a reception at Church House, which was attended by a large number of guests who assembled to wish health and prosperity to the newly-wedded couple.
The bride and bridegroom will leave shortly for Ultima Esperanza, where they will take up their residence.
A very large number of valuable presents were bestowed upon them amongst which were the following:--
Bride to Bridegroom, Gold Cuff Links; Bridegroom to Bride, Emerald and Diamond Ring; Rev. and Mrs. Cater, Cheque,-- to Bridegroom, Luncheon Basket; Messrs. J. B. W. and E. E. Cater, Clock; Miss M. Y. Cater, Silver Brush and Comb and Cigar Case; Don Fernando and Mrs. Edwards, Silver Card Tray; Bridegroom to Bridesmaids, Gold Brooches; The Explotadora Company, Cheque; Mr. and Mrs. Burbury, Cheque; Cerro Castillo Section, Cheque; Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Cameron, Cheque; Dr. and Mrs. France, Cheque; Mr. C. M. Daly, Silver Salt Cellars; Mr. and Mrs. McCaig, Tea and Coffee Service; Mr. and Mrs. Beynon, Oak Tray and Table Linen; Mr. J. E. Bell and Miss Bell, Bed Spread; Mr. and Mrs. Gallie, Dinner Gong; Mr. C. and Miss Pettersen, Rose Bowl; Mr. and Mrs. Price, Eiderdown Quilt; Mr. and Mrs. A. Henkes, Silver Biscuit Box; Mr. L. Arentsen, Pickle Stand; Mr. and Mrs. Chetwood Aiken, Silver Clock; Mr. and Mrs. Rooze, Silver Butter Dishes; Mr. and Mrs. J. McLean, Cut-Glass Jam-pot; Mr. and Mrs. W. Morrison, Silver Cream Jug; Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Hobbs, Fish Knives and Forks; Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Williams, Silver Egg Stand; Mr. G. Lloyd Harries, Silver Muffineer; Mr. W. Lloyd Harries, Silver Candlesticks; Mr. J. Guthrie, Silver Entrée Dish; Captain and Mrs. Willumsen, Pickle Jar; Mr. and Mrs. H. MacLean, Card Stand; Mr. W. P. Bradley, Silver Fish Carvers; Mr. and Mrs. Hamann, Linen-Stand and Cupboard; Mr. and Mrs. D. V. Clark, Indian Table-cover; Miss Bridges, Hand-Painted Cushion; Miss M. Pasinovich, Biscuit-Box; Mr. and Mrs. Donaldson, Linen Bed-cover; Miss L. McKay, Brass Flower Stand; Mr. & Mrs. Perkins, Afternoon Tea tables; Miss Perkins, Silver Vase; Mr. F. H. Townsend, Silver Butter Dish; Mr. H. Henkes, Silver Cruet Stand; Mr. D. R. Lethaby, Silver Serviette Rings; Mr. and Mrs. Clarkson, Silver Sugar Basin; Miss Whittaker, Handkerchiefs; Mr. and Mrs. Telford, Handkerchiefs; Mr. and Mrs. A. McDonald, Silver-backed Brushes; Mr. L. Jacobs, Liqueur Stand; Mr. Constanduros, Silver Butter Dish; Mr. and Mrs. Paton, Barometer; Mr. and Mrs. Boyd, Silver Tea Spoons; The Misses and Masters Stewart, Glass Epergne; Miss Doreen Hardy, Tray Cloth; Miss Beaulier, Painting; Mr. R. M. Madden, Silver Tea Tray; Mr. and Mrs. Cooper, Silver Serviette Rings; Mr. and Miss Dickson, Afternoon Tea Cloth; Mr. and Mrs. Riesco, Silver Fruit Stand; Mr. and Mrs. Augier, Linen Bedcover; Mr. and Mrs. Jones, Silver Biscuit Jar; Miss Cresp, Afternoon Tea Cloth; Miss O. Hamann, Silver Salt Cellars; Miss D. Hamann, Handpainted Table Centre; Miss T. Hamann, Hand-painted Table Centre; Mr. S. Hamann, Silver Butter Knife; Miss W. Hardy, Cushion Cover; Masters J. and M. Matulich, Glass Flower Vases. Mr. C. A. Milward's present is arriving later.   [8 June 1916]
The marriage of Mr. Carlos A. Bustos to Miss Leopoldina Bousquet took place on Sunday afternoon. In the evening a dinner-reception was held in the Hotel Royal which was served by Mr. Garnier in his usual high class style.   [15 June 1916]
The name of Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Saunders was inadvertently omitted in the list of wedding presents at the Rollitt Cater wedding.  [15 June 1916]
By the steamer Asturiano Mrs. Sinclair and the Misses Helen and Margaret Sinclair left for Buenos Aires. Mr. Archie Halliday left by the same steamer and will be married to Miss Margaret Sinclair in the Capital. Before leaving a number of his friends entertained him at a banquet in the Hotel Bristol as a «despedido» to bachelorhood. Mr. Frank Lewis presided, the others assisting being Messrs. Manuel Rodriguez, M. Baker, J. S. Pickering, James Felton, Jorge Riff, R. Oerton, J.A. Gordoniz, J. Arbilla, M. Jimenez, L. A. Harries, J. Sanchez, Serafin Grillo, G. de Peyrelongue, C. Borgialle, V. Abal, A. Nicolaides, C. Pereda, H. Victoria, F. Tejedor, Santos Santesteban, A. Lajus, J. Groves, A. Baudic, P. McLean, A. Berrando, R. J. Watson, J. Arregui, Archie Halliday, J. R. C. Sinclair, A. Lacosta, A. Marcou, T. Shaw, F. Lucuix, J. Lubcke, G. Luft, M. Fernandez, P. Pucheu, B. Fernandez, C. Wilson, F. Brett and J. Woolven...  [20 July 1916]
The wedding took place on Saturday last of Mr. William Holmans to Ethel Scott, widow of the late Norman Scott. We offer our hearty congratulations to the parties concerned. [20 July 1916]
The wedding took place on Tuesday last of Mr. Kenneth Carnegie Ross to Miss Lucy Douglas MacKay. The civil marriage took place at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, at the house of Mr. and Mrs. Burbury, in front of the Civil Registrar and the British Vice-Consul.
The religious ceremony was held in S. James's Church, ?? o'clock, the Rev. J. C. Cater officiating, and a large number of guests were present. The Bride, who was given away by her brother in-law, Mr. C. L. Donaldson, was attended by Miss Perkins as bridesmaid. Dr. Dow was the bridegroom's best man.
In the evening a dance was given by Mr. and Mrs. Burbury to celebrate the event, and a large number of their friends attended to wish every happiness to the newly married couple. We should also like to wish them every success. [20 July 1916]
List of Presents, Carnegie--McKay Wedding: Bride to Bridegroom, Wristwatch. Bridegroom to Bride, Diamond and ruby pendant. Mr. and Mrs. Donaldson to Bride, Gold Watch bracelet, to Bridegroom, Ivory-backed brushes. Miss Chica Donaldson, Fur-lined coat. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Cameron, Cheque. Mr. and Mrs. Burbury, Cheque. Mr. G. and Miss Cameron, Cheque. Mr. and Mrs. F. Evans, Cheque. Mr. and Mrs. J. Douglas, Cheque, Mr. and Mrs. McPherson, Cheque, Mrs. Maguire, Handkerchiefs. Mrs. Forster, Teacloth and Duchesse Set. Mr. and Mrs. Percy Foster, Dessert knives and forks. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jay, Silver tea-spoons. Mr. and Mrs. Somerville, Silver Flower Vase. Mr. and Mrs. Rodolfo Suarez and family, Silver fruit-stand. Mr. Guthrie, Pair of silver photo-frames. Mr. H. Robins, Tantalus. Mr. and Mrs. Townsend, Pair of Silver salvers. Mr. and Mrs. Gallie, Pair of silver candlesticks. Mr. and Mrs. Maltzahn, Pair of silver bon-bon dishes. Miss Bridges, Hand-painted table-centre. Mr. and Mrs. F. Jacobs, Coffee and liqueur set. Mr. and Mrs. T. Saunders, Silver clock. Don Fernando and Mrs. Edwards, Silver sauce-boat. Mr. Riddell, Canteen of cutlery. Mr. Nicholl, Silver cheese and biscuit dish. Mr. Simpson, Silver sweet dishes. Mr. and Mrs. D. McDonald, Fish-knives and forks. Mr. and Mrs. Munro, Silver Sardine dish. Mr. and Mrs. T. Douglas, Silver flower-stand. Mr. C. Jones, Pair of mustard pots. Mr. and Mrs. J. McLean, Silver ink-pot. Mr. and Miss Dickson, Silver tea-spoons. Dr. Dow, Pair of silver photo-frames. Mr. and Mrs. A. M. McDonald, Silver muffin-dishes. Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, Silver flower vases. Mr. and Mrs. Aiken, Pair silver flower vases. Miss Perkins, Silver sauce-boat. Mr. and Mrs. Perkins, Silver flower-vase. Mr. W. L. Wood, Silver tea-tray. Mr. and Mrs. Clark, Liqueur decanters. Mr. and Mrs. Paton, Silver teaspoons. Mr. Trehern, Entrée dish. Mr. G. L. Harries, Silver butter-dish. Mr. and Mrs. Rooze, Silver asparagus dish. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Morrison, Silver ink-stand. Mr. Constanduros, Chafing-dish. Mr. Lethaby, Thermos flask. Mr. Daly, Pair of silver photo-frames. Dr. and Mrs. France, Entrée dish. Mr. and Mrs. Curtze, Silver salver. Miss MacGregor, Silver bread trencher. Rev. and Mrs. Cater and Mr. and Mrs. Carr-Rollitt, Combination clock, barometer and calender. Mr. and Miss Bell, Pen painted piano top. Mr. A. Jacobs, Glass and silver dish.   [27 July 1916]
On June 3rd, the wedding took place at Christ Church Cathedral of George Wesley Gordon Royle to Beatrice Gwendoline, youngest daughter of John Kirwan Esq. of Port Stanley. The Very Rev. Dean Stanley Smith conducted the marriage service.   [27 July 1916]
On Saturday, September 2nd, the wedding took place at the Hotel Comercio of Mr. Harry Baird to Miss Catherine Waddell.
The Religious ceremony was performed by the Rev. J. C. Cater.
The Bride, looking very charming in white satin, with white veil and a wreath of orange blossoms, was given away by Mr Pollock, brother-in-law of the bridegroom.
The Bridesmaid, Miss Annie Richards, was dressed in pale pink satin.
The Bridegroom was attended by Mr. A. S. McLean as best man.
After the ceremony, the Bridal party and guest partook of a most excellently served dinner, after which various speeches were made and the health of the happy couple proposed. A pleasant evening ended with the singing of 'Auld Lang Syne'.
Amongst others present were the following: Mr. and Mrs. R. Pollock, Rev. J. C. and Mrs. Cater, Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Nixon, Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Cooper, Mr. S. and Miss O. Hamann, Miss D. Speake, Mr. A. Cameron, Mr. W. J. Ross and Mr. A. Milward.   [7 September  1916]
News has been received of the marriage of Miss Margaret Sinclair and Mr. Archibald Halliday. The ceremony took place in Buenos Aires on the 14th August.   [21 September 1916]
On Tuesday, the 10th instant the marriage of Captain C. A. Milward and Miss Isabella Barr was celebrated in the private house of the Rev. J. C. Cater; owing to sickness the service could not take place in the Church.
The civil ceremony took place previously at the home of the bridegroom in Avenida Libertad. We beg to offer our sincere congratulations to the happy pair.   [12 October 1916]
We have learned with much pleasure that Mr. Lucien Meric has become engaged to Miss Matilde Beulier, the accomplished daughter of the French Consul.   [19 October 1916]
On Saturday evening, at 7 o'clock, the marriage of Mr. Arturo Benavides Nuñez to Miss Magdalena Blanchard Manterola was celebrated in the Parish Church. Previous to the religious ceremony, Señora Elena G. de Urzua sang the Ave Maria in an excellent manner.
The civil ceremony took place in the palatial house of the bride's father.
Later in the evening, a ball was given at which all the principal people of the town assisted.   [19 October 1916]
On the afternoon of Friday the 3rd instant, the marriage was celebrated between Mr. Harry Alan Woodier and Miss Dorothy Speake. Both the religious and civil ceremonies took place in the house of Mr. T. Atherton in the presence of a few intimate friends. The bride was given away by Mr. Atherton.
In the evening a dinner was given in the Hotel Comercio to celebrate the happy event, needless to say the usual toasts in honour of the happy couple were given and suitably replied to.
Besides the newly married couple the following friends assisted:-- Mr. and Mrs. T. Atherton, Mr. S. Atherton, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Esdale, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. T. Riesco, Mrs. Conroy, Mr. Stephenson and Mr. Richards.   [9 November 1916]
On Saturday last Mr. P. W. Mc-Lean, of the Bank of Punta Arenas in Santa Cruz, was married to Miss Sigrid Pettersen. The ceremony took place in the house of Mrs. Thorolf Arentsen, a number of their intimate friends being present. We wish the young couple long life and happiness.    [23 November 1916]

Wedding at Deseado. On the 2nd of February the marriage took place here of Miss Rebecca Sinclair Bain and Mr. Lachlan MacDonald. The Bridesmaid was Miss Jessie Bain, sister of the bride, while Mr. Hugh MacDonald, the bridegroom's brother, acted as groomsman. The bride was given away by her brother, Mr. William Bain, the witnesses being Messrs. D. M. Aitchison, Jesus Larrañaga and George Bain. The wedding took place in the Hotel Argentino, the ceremony being followed by a Dinner and Dance at which there were present, apart from those already mentioned, Mrs. Wm. Bain, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Cameron, Mrs Maclean, Miss Dick, Mrs. Larrañaga, Mr. and Mrs. Arias, Mr. and Mrs. Tesserolo, the Misses Jessie and Lizzie MacLeod, Mr. and Mrs. Hepe, Mr. and Mrs. James MacRae, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Grant, Mr. and Mrs. Frommel, Messrs. Clark, O'Byrne, Donald Bain, Angus Bain, Daniel Kelly, James Kelly, J. F. MacRae, Binfield, John MacLeod Jr., Anderson, Buchanan, Fraser, MacKenzie, James Patterson, Murdo Finlayson, Fco. Gonz, Stewart, Gordon, MacIntosh, James Forbes, and Daniel Forbes. [8 March 1917]

The wedding took place on Tuesday, April 2nd, of Corporal R. H. Aldridge, third son of Mrs. J. N. Skirving, to Miss Olive Mayhew. [6 June 1918]
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