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The British Presence in Southern Patagonia
++ Death Announcements from "The Magellan Times" (1914-1918) + +


With great regret we hear that Mr. Alan Aylwin died on January 16th. in British East Africa. During the years that Mr. Aylwin resided in Tierra del Fuego he made many friends, both in town and camp, and his loss will be very severely felt by all those who had the pleasure of his acquaintance. [21 January 1914]
We regret to announce the death of Mr. George Bell, works manager of The Tres Puentes Company Ltd, at Tres Puentes yesterday. Mr. Bell was attending to some of the machinery when he was caught up by the fly wheel and instantly killed. Our sincerest sympathy goes to his widow and children. [29 April 1914]
We very much regret to announce the death of Phyllis, daughter of Mr & Mrs. Wilfred Waldron late of Cullen Station. The little girl died in England on May 16th after an operation. [27 May 1914]
It is with deep regret that we have to announce the death of Mr. J. G. Cameron who died about the 10th of June in the State of Goyaz, Brazil. Mr. Cameron lived in Magallanes and Tierra del Fuego many years and was administrator of the Useless Bay section of the Sociedad Esplotadora de Tierra del Fuego for some considerable time. [8 July 1914]
We regret to announce the death of Mr William Norman Scott which occurred on Tuesday morning. Our sincerest sympathy goes to his widow and children. [8 July 1914]
Yesterday afternoon at Calle Errazuriz No. 32, Emilio Avendaño, aged four, and Ernesto Avendaño, only 18 months old, amused themselves with a box of matches during the absence of their parents. On the mother's return she found the younger child so seriously burnt that he expired a few moments later. We trust the parents will be severely censured by the authorities for leaving alone two children of such tender age. [22 July 1914]
We regret to announce the death of Sr. Fernando Chaigneau, who has been Governor of Magallanes for the past five years. Sr. Chaigneau, who has been ailing for some months, left for Valparaiso on the «Oropesa» in the hope of finding better health in the milder climate of the North; after spending a few days in the British Hospital in Valparaiso he recovered sufficiently to be removed to Santiago but died a few days later. The Magellan Times takes this opportunity of expressing its deep regret at the loss which the whole Territory suffers by the death of Sr. Chaigneau and its sympathy with Mrs. Chaigneau and her children. [16 September 1914]
With the greatest regret we have to report the death of Phyllis Louisa, infant daughter of Mr & Mrs Esdale. The child had been suffering from pneumonia and passed away at 7 o'clock on Monday morning. Our deepest sympathy goes to the bereaved parents. [16 September 1914]
We regret to have to announce the death of Mr Louis Stevens which occurred suddenly on Sunday evening. The funeral took place on Tuesday afternoon, and a large number of his friends attended. [3 December 1914]
It is with the deepest regret that we have to chronicle the death of Mr Bruce Buchanan who was for some years accountant at the South American Export Syndicate's freezing works ar Rio Seco. Mr Buchanan had recently arrived from England to take up the position of Manager of the Sociedad Esplotadora's freezing works at Puerto Bories. The Funeral will take place this morning. We extend our sympathy to Mr[s] Buchanan and the children. [3 December 1914]
We regret we have to record the death of George Ford junior who was drowned in the Río Paine on the 2nd of this month. [18 February 1915]
In Loving Memory of my Dear Beloved Friend, George 2. Ford, who died at Río Paine on Monday February 2nd 1915. Aged 22 years.
Yes I miss him, Oh how sadly,
None but aching hearts can tell.
He is gone from earth to Heaven
Christ doeth all things well,
K. M.
Cerro Contreras.
[18 February 1915]
We regret to have to record the death of August Phipps, second class stoker on H. M. S. «Bristol», in the hospital on Saturday last. The funeral took place on Monday afternoon at which about fifty people attended. [1 April 1915]
We regret to announce the death of David Weatherstone which occurred on the 14th instant. He was buried on Friday at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, a large number of his friends being present at the funeral. We are asked to thank all those who kindly subscribed towards paying the expenses of interment. [22 April 1915]
We regret to have to announce the death of Mr. Lars Berntsen at Port Stanley, Falkland Isles, on the 16th August last, at the age of 69. He was an old member of the Stanley Benefit Club. [9 September 1915]
We regret to have to announce the death of Mrs. Russell Becket in Talcahuano on the 13th August and extend our sympathy to the husband, in his bereavement. [9 September 1915]
We regret to announce the death of a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. Grenade, and sympathise with them on their bereavement. [30 September 1915]
The funeral of Mr. David Forbes took place on Sunday morning at 10 o'clock, the procession starting from the headquarters of the Punta Arenas Red Cross Society in the Calle O'Higgins. A large number of his friends were in attendance to accompany him to his last resting place amongst which were: Messrs. T. R. D. Burbury, E. T. Price, S. C. Williams, Nichols, Bravo, P. W. Bradley, E. Breen, D. V. Clark, L. Jacobs, A. N. Gallie, T. S. Boyd, A. Milward, C. Petersen [Pettersen], A. Cameron, A. G. Ross, R. B. Nixon, J. Bigorra, M. Paravich, A. I. Bishop, D. Blanco, H. Robins, J. H. Foggie, A. Spanich, C. A. T. Riesco, L. W. Cooper, H. Lively, W. S. Reeve, C. A. Milward, A. McDonald, E. W. Hobbs, P. H. Lethaby, J. E. Bell, H. Clarke, R. M. Madden, P. McLean, R. Beckett, E. Petersen [Pettersen], Paley, H. Baird, H. McLean, Stevenson, Kaiser, H. E. Cook, A. Stewart, G. Hardy, R. Pollock, G. L. Ashton, L. Arentsen, W. A. Clarkson, D. Aitchison, W. Dixon, Robson, H. Dixon, J. Davis, Rev. J. Reeder, and many others. The service at the graveside was conducted by the Rev. J. C. Cater. Wreaths were sent by the Staff of the Sociedad Esplotadora and the Staff of the Anglo South American Bank Ld. and others were sent by his many friends.  [30 September 1915]
Death, the Inscrutable, has been in our midst; and in the fateful shadows there has passed away from among us one whom we had least willingly have suffered to depart. We refer, -- voicing a very personal sorrow as well as a deep public regret, -- to Mr. David Forbes who died aged 32 years on the afternoon of Friday last.
Mr. Forbes was a native of Dundee, Scotland, and first came to Patagonia some six years ago after a residence of five years in the Falkland Islands. Since then he has been in the service of the Sociedad Esplotadora de Tierra del Fuego, where his marked ability quickly raised him to a position of responsibility and trust, and a most loveable and kindly personality won for him the esteem and affection of all who knew him.
It is no formal grief that we express. We write in the shadow of a loss that is too near us to be realised, and too poignant to be told in words. Our world is the poorer for his going, for he was a gentleman of rare intellectual solidity and of modesty withal. All of us, -- for all who knew him, and of him none knew or heard or spoke any evil -- are moved by the tragedy of his death. But the bitterest sorrow is theirs who were his familiar friends. They alone can measure the loss we have all sustained; for they knew in full what all knew in part -- the large heart of the man, and the intrinsic worth of a most courageous soul. "Un compañero menos; a comrade less" were words meetly spoken. For all else,

Full desertness
In souls -- ay yours and mine -- lies silent, bare,
Under the blenching, vertical eye-glare
Of the absolute Heaven

[30 September 1915]
The funeral of the late Mr. Hugh Dixon took place on Saturday morning at 10 o'clock, the cortege setting out from the Hotel Kosmos. A large number of his friends attended the deceased to the graveside amongst whom were Messrs. T. R. D. Burbury, A. N. Gallie, J. E. Bell, J. H. Foggie, L. Arentsen, F. H. Jacobs, Fell, C. Brockow, C. L. Donaldson, W. Perkins, G. L. Ashton, H. Clarke, Steele, Griffiths, W. A. Clarkson, C. Arthur Riesco, R. B. Nixon, C. Constanduros, R. M. Madden, J. Roca, A. I. Bishop, A. M. McDonald, E. W. Hobbs, W. H. France, Willumsen, R. Patterson, J. A. Daly and W. Dixon. A large number of wreaths were sent by various of his friends. The service at the graveside was conducted by the Rev. J. C. Cater. [14 October 1915]
Another friend and compatriot has left us; another chair is vacant at the table; another voice is stilled. We look around and miss another face that has vanished from our company.
But a month ago Mr. Hugh Dixon reappeared among us apparently in ruddy health, companionable as ever, as ever shrewdly and kindly humorous. Upon one Sunday we walked out together upon the dusty road to bid a silent last Adios to another we had known; upon the next Saturday we laid himself in the quiet earth, to know him, also, no more.
Mr. Dixon confessed to a slight indisposition on the evening of Monday the 4th. while at the house of Mr. F. H. Townsend, but not suspecting any serious illness, the momentary faintness having passed off, returned to the Hotel Kosmos apparently in his usual health. There he died late on the evening of the Friday following.
Mr. Dixon laboured long in the land. It is worthy of record that he was the first wool-classer to enter Patagonia -- and that 17 years of strenuous service in this territory stand to his credit. It was his intention, at the close of the next -- his eighteenth -- to take the rest he had so well earned, and to return to New Zealand whence he came so many years ago. But -- such too often is the grim relentless irony of the disposing fates -- the land to which he gave so much of the best that was in him has held him to the end and taken all.
Slow Time has once more seized swift toll,
The bleak silence holds another of our best.   

[14 October 1915]
We regret to hear that Mr. Fred Wood, who was for some years administering the Sociedad Explotadora's farm at Rio Maclelland, has been killed in action, in Flanders. [2 December 1915]
We also have to announce the death of Mr. J. V. H. Marsters who fell in battle like a gallant man, fighting for his Country's freedom against an unscrupulous foe. [2 December 1915]
We regret to have to announce the death of Mr. Silvano Picard in Rio Gallegos. Mr. Picard was proprietor and editor of the weekly paper La Union and of the Rio Gallegos telephone service, and lived for some years in Punta Arenas.  [20 January 1916]
It is with deep regret that we have to record the death of the wife of Mr. Hermann [prior word corrected by hand in the original] Henkes, who succumbed to a sudden illness on Thursday last. The funeral took place on Friday afternoon and was attended by a large number of mourners. We should like to express our sympathy to Mr. Henkes and family in their bereavement.  [20 January 1916]
It is with the deepest regret that we have to anounce the death of our old friend Mr. Frederick J. Smith of Estancia Dorotea. A cable dated from Putney on the 16th. instant gives this advise. From letters received it was known that the deceased had poisoned his hand but had partially recovered and no doubt this accident was the cause of his death.  [24 February 1916]
A letter from Mr. A. A. Cameron says:-- «By the way I had a letter from Fred Wood of Rio McLelland dated 4th. January from the front. He was well and going strong and from later news he has lately been in England on leave. He is a Lieutenant in the Royal Horse Artillery. I mention this because the Magellan Times reported his death away back in October.»  We were very pleased to receive this news and to know that the report of Mr. Wood's death was false, and we sincerely hope that he will see the war through without a scratch.   [23 March 1916]
A telegram received from Montevideo announces the news that the Norwegian steamer Murica has sunk with nearly all hands. The many friends of Mr. L. Larsen will be grieved to hear that he was one of the victims. Mr. Larsen was in Patagonia for a long period and was accountant at the Freezing Works at Puerto Sara for some years and recently held the post of manager of the Bank of Punta Arenas branch at Santa Cruz. He was esteemed and respected by all who knew him.   [13 April 1916]
The many friends of Captain Hayes late Commodore Captain of the Pacific Steam Navigation Company, will regret to hear of his recent decease in Liverpool. Captain Hayes was a well-known character on the West Coast of South America, and all Britishers who had the privilege of travelling on his ship felt that they had in him a personal friend. Up to the time of going to press we are without further details but we are sure that all Britishers will feel as one in the hope that the eventide of his life was without suffering. [13 April 1916]
We deeply reget to hear of the decease on Saturday evening at Río Gallegos of Mrs. John Duncan of pulmonary disorder. [13 April 1916]
We regret to have to record the death of Mr. William Sutherland on the 7th instant at the local hospital. The funeral took place on the following afternoon and numerous members of the British colony accompanied the deceased to his last resting place. We are asked by the relatives to thank all those who attended the funeral.   [15 June 1916]
We regret to have to record the death of Señora Solima Solari de Perez which occurred last week shortly after the birth of a child, and tender our sympathies to the bereaved husband.   [15 June 1916]
A handsome stone and curb has now been erected in memory of Alexander McRae, who died on May 1st of this year, aged 50 years; and is interred in the local cemetery. The deceased was well known and respected and leaves a wife and a large circle of friends to mourn his loss.   [22 June 1916]
In the early hours of Saturday afternoon an alarming rumour circulated through the town that a very serious accident had happened on the Mina Loreto Railway, resulting in several deaths, besides injuries to other persons. Happily, the first news of this unfortunate accident proved to be somewhat exaggerated, and as a result of our enquiries into the matter we learned from a trustworthy source the true state of affairs.
About 12.30 p.m. the train of the Mina Loreto was loading a quantity of timber near the mine, and as the weight of the trucks gradually increased above the normal, the whole train, owing to the sharp declivity of the line in this part, began to move. The engine-driver, a Spanish subject of the name of Hipolito San Román, although he tried by every means to check the onward rush of the train, was unable to do so, with the result that it dashed at full speed into another truck, which had been left behind on commencing the journey. As a result of this accident, the engine-driver died of his injuries a few minutes afterwards, and five other persons were taken to the Hospital, in a more or less serious condition, where they are receiving every attention.
Having due regard to the fact that this train sometimes returns from the mine, loaded with passengers, we might consider this unfortunate event as a timely indication that more care and vigilance should be exercised by those responsible for the working of the line. [[??] June 1916]
We regret to have to announce the death of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hardy's little daughter, Alma Patricia, at the tender age of seven months, and offer our sympathy to the bereaved parents. [6 July 1916]
The death of Miss Winnie Hardy occurred with almost tragic suddenness on Sunday evening last. Recovering from an attack of influenza, it is thought that she caught a fresh chill on the previous Thursday.
Miss Hardy was of a sweet and gentle disposition and was a favourite with everyone. For the last two years she has been a pupil-teacher in the English School. Much sympathy will be felt for Mr. and Mrs. George Hardy in the loss of their only daughter.
The funeral took place from St. James's Church on Tuesday and was attended by a number of her friends and by the pupils of the school.
Mr. and Mrs. George Hardy wish to tender their heartfelt thanks for the many expressions of sympathy in their sad loss, also to those who sent wreaths and those who kindly placed motor-cars at their disposal. [13 July 1916]
This morning at half past three an old and worthy public employee of this territory, Don Federico Lucares, died. The deceased was a relation by marriage of Messrs. Rodolfo Stubenrauch and E. W. Hobbs. [13 July 1916]
We regret to announce that Mr. Alexander McKenzie, who arrived from Estancia Primera Argentina by the Austral on Sunday last, died in the hospital at 7 p. m., on the evening of Tuesday the 18th instant. The funeral will take place this afternoon at a quarter past three. Deceased was a native of Lewis, Scotland and had been in Patagonia about two years.   [20 July 1916]
Died, on May 28, 1916, in a Harley-street Nursing Home from creeping paralysis, Dorilla Dobrée, aged 38, wife of Lennox Gore Dobrée, of "Estancia Doraique", Santa Cruz, Argentine Republic, and of Copsefield, Ryde, Isle of Wight. [27 July 1916]
We regret to announce the death of Miss Ida Koeppen on the morning of Tuesday, last of Lota, after a month's illness of an affection of the heart. Miss Koeppen was well known to many people both in Punta Arenas and Río Gallegos, and was expected to arrive here shortly on a visit to her sister, Mrs. Gilmour. [10 August 1916]
A fatal accident occurred at the Taller Minerva last Thursday when a young lad of 18 years of age named Efrain Escobar Molina was caught in the pulley of an engine and instantaneously killed.
A benefit performance is being given in the Alhambra Theatre to-morrow evening in aid of the deceased family, and it is hoped that those who are unable to attend will purchase tickets, so that a good sum may be handed over to his relations. [10 August 1916]
A concert was organised by a group of ladies in aid of the families of the five men who were drowned in Leña Dura recently. This took place on Saturday evening in the Municipal Theatre and was a great success. A number of local amateur entertainers took part amongst whom were Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Jones and Señora Elena G. de Urzua. Mrs. Giffen's children also danced the Maypole Dance.
We understand that the proceeds reached the useful sum of $3,789.40. [17 August 1916]
We regret to say that a cable has been received from Messrs. John Hoare & Co, of London, announcing the death of Mr. Robert G. Douglas of Estancia Esperanza.
The cable states --- "Greatly regret War Office advise death Robert Douglas in Egypt from blood poisoning and heart failure".
The deceased, who spent most of his life in Patagonia, was greatly esteemed by his many friends. He left Punta Arenas in July of last year to swell the long list of Patagonians who are fighting for the Mother Country, and received his commission of second-lieutenant in the Suffolk Yeomanry. He was sent to Egypt with his regiment on the 27th May last, but it is not known if he was in action or not.
We beg to express our sympathy to his family in their bereavement. [24 August 1916]
We regret to state that a telegram was received yesterday announcing the death of Don Andres Bonvalot, which occurred in Paris.   [14 September 1916]
On Friday the 16th instant, the well-known resident of Punta Arenas, Mr. Arthur Lilley, died at his home in the Imperial Hotel. His remains were interred on Sunday and the cortege was followed by his numerous friends.   [21 September 1916]
A telegram was received at the office of Mr. E. W. Hobbs on Saturday last announcing the sad news of the murder of Mr. Charles S. Wood, manager of Lago Posadas, who was lately appointed comisario of the Río Baker district. [gravestone at San Julián]
This announcement came as a rude shock to the members of the British Community in Punta Arenas where he was so well-known and esteemed. Unfortunately, up to the present, we have no further details to communicate.    [19 October 1916]
The death occured on the 14th instant of Wiliam Alexander, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Berntsen. The funeral took place the following day and was attended by a number of friends and relatives.   [26 October 1916]
The assistant administrator of Estancia Lago Posadas, Mr. C. Cramer, arrived from the Argentine coast by the steamer Asturiano and has given further details as to the assasination of Mr. Charles S. Wood. Mr. Cramer states that he was murdered by a man named Vicente Henriqez; this man had been there on the ninth instant and disappeared very hurriedly. From the long deep scalp-wound he received, it is believed that he was treacherously struck and stunned with the handle of a rebenque whilst in conversation with his assailant, and afterwards brutally stabbed in several places. [gravestone at San Julián]
The Chilean authorities have requested the Argentine police to assist them in capturing the murderer, whose whereabouts are as yet unknown.    [26 October 1916]
We regret to have to announce the death of Señora Rosa Roca de Kusanovich, wife of Don Vicente Kusanovich, which occured early on Friday morning. The funeral took place on Sunday morning and was attended by a large number of the deceased's relations and friends. We beg to sympathise with the family in their bereavement.   [2 November 1916]
It is with deep regret that we have to record the departure from amongst us of an old friend, Captain Emil Fuglberg. His death, which occurred on Monday morning, came as a great shock, not alone to his fellow-countrymen of Norway,but to all who knew him in Punta Arenas, whatever be their nationality. Endowed with an amiable and kindly disposition he was a general favourite.
The funeral took place on Tuesday evening and was attended by the Captain of the Port, Don Humberto Vallejos, Messrs. Juan Blanchard, W. Perkins, T. S. Boyd, P. A. Pettersen, L. W. Cooper, E. Pettersen, C. A. T. Riesco, T. Arentsen, P. Arentsen, H. Samsing, Doberti, H. Nielsen, Ottiker, Brockow, Will, Dr. France and very many others whose names we cannot recall.
The funeral service at the graveside was conducted by the Rev. J. C. Cater. A large number of wreaths, many of them of recently cut flowers, were sent by sympathetic friends.
We beg to offer our sincerest sympathies to the bereaved widow and children of the deceased.   [9 November 1916]
It is with much regret that we have to announce the death of Lieut. H. D. Wrinch of the 115th Brigade, R. F. A. who was killed in action on the Salonika front on August 20th last. Lieut. Wrinch was for two years on the Staff at the Rio Seco Freezing Works, during which time he earned the respect of his fellow employees and employers. At the time War was declared he was in Buenos Aires and as early as October 1914 he left for England to volunteer his services for the old country. Before being transferred to Salonika he saw much service in the North of France. He was a young man deservedly popular with all who knew him in this neighbourhood and we beg to express our deepest sympathy and admiration to his parents and relatives in thus laying down his life for his Country.   [9 November 1916]
Early in the morning of Friday last, Mr. Fred Hardy, father of Messrs. Walter, George and Herbert Hardy and Mrs. John Skirving, died at the ripe old age of eighty years. The deceased was a native of Port Stanley, Falkland Islands, where he passed the greater part of his life, but some fifteen years ago he came to Punta Arenas and has resided here ever since. For some time past he had been in failing health and on the date mentioned he painlessly passed away. The funeral took place on Saturday at 10.30 and was attended by a large number of acquaintances.   [9 November 1916]
On last Saturday evening a party of four persons went rowing in a small boat along the beach close to the Avenida Colon. Owing to some slight movement on the part of one of the occupants the boat was capsized and all were thrown into the water. Unfortunately one of them, young Christopher Smith of the Queen's Hotel, being unable to swim, was drowned. Up to the present his body has not been recovered. We offer our sincere sympathy to his sorrowing mother.  [30 November 1916]
We deeply regret to announce the death of Captain David Stranger, which occured in Valparaiso on Sunday morning. The deceased had been for many years in charge of different steamers of Messrs. Braun and Blanchard and for some time past had been captain of the Valdivia. He was greatly esteemed by a wide circle of friends on the east and west coasts and by all those who knew him in Punta Arenas.   [30 November 1916]
We regret to have to announce the death of Peter, the eldest son of Mr. José Covacevich of Porvenir. He was only nineteen years of age and, as he was suffering from appendicitis, he was sent to Santiago to undergo an operation, but unfortunately, before reaching his destination he contracted typhus fever which caused his death after a few days. We beg to offer our deepest sympathy to his bereaved parents.   [30 November 1916]
The body of Christopher Smith, who was drowned some weeks ago, was discovered on the beach the other day and was interred in the cemetery on the following day. [28 December 1916]
It is with great regret that we have to announce the death of Laura Christina Koeppen de Gilmour, wife of Mr. W. M. Gilmour, which occurred on Friday night in the Hospital, after a painful illness of some months duration. The funeral took place on Sunday afternoon and was attended by a large number of their personal friends. We beg to tender our sympathy to Mr. Gilmour in his bereavement. [25? January 1917]
We regret to have to announce the death of Mrs. Agnes Fell of North Arm Station, at the age of 58 years, which took place in Liverpool on the 18th of December last, and tender our sympathies to her bereaved relatives and friends. [15 February 1917]
Corporal J. M. Dickie, D. C. M. Royal Horse Guards, who was born in the Falkland Islands, went from Patagonia on the outbreak of war to serve. He gained his decoration for conspicuous gallantry at Hulluch, and died from septic poisoning, the result of a wound received whilst making good wire entanglements. He was 27, and the eldest son of Señor Wm. Dickie, of Patagonia. [24 May 1917]
We have to announce the death of another pioneer of Patagonia in the person of Mr. John Bean, who succumbed to a brief illness on Tuesday the 4th instant. The late Mr. Bean, who was a native of Dublin, came to these parts about 36 years ago when he took up gold-mining. During the latter years he has been able to live in retirement on his income. He was one of the founders of the Sociedad Cosmopolita and has been long known as a subscriber to local charities. [6 June 1918]
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