The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

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"Anglo" names from the book by Joseph E Wing

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«This volume embodies the author's personal observations on various subjects, as reflected by a diary kept throughout a long journey undertaken in behalf of the United States Government in connection with the Tariff Board's study of comparative wool-production costs at home and abroad. The author sailed in the spring of 1911 from New York to Buenos Aires ...» [from the Publisher's Preface]

Note: Page numbers (below) refer to the book's 1913 edition, avaiable online at Archive.Org.

last/first name 1st ref. page# location information
Barclay, Alfred 82 Río Gallegos manager of English canning factory and frigorífico
Carr, Mr [Hubert] 89 [Güer Aike], Río Gallegos spent his early days in Tierra del Fuego
Felton, Herbert 80 Ea. Killik Aike, Río Gallegos estanciero
Grist, Digby 111 Puerto Deseado English estanciero; lived previously in Australia
McLeod, Malcolm 92 Ea. Chymen Aike, Río Gallegos manager, married (wife from Western Isles of Scotland)
Rowen, John E 61 Punta Arenas U.S. consul [1907-1911]
Scott, John 98 San Julián previously farmed in Gallegos area
Smith, Rev J Stanley 103 Punta Arenas Church of England minister
Welsh, James 78 Río Gallegos estancia manager
Source: "In Foreign Fields, Sketches of Travel in South America and Western Europe", Joseph E. Wing, The Breeder's Gazette, Chicago, 1913
Last updated: 16-IX-2010