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"Travels and Archaeology in South Chile" -- Book by Junius B. Bird
Persons mentioned by his wife Margaret Bird (1935-37)


Junius Bird was an archaeologist with the American Museum of Natural History, New York, who made several field trips to southern Patagonia, accompanied by his wife Margaret ("Peggy") Bird. During 1935-37, Bird investigated three rural sites in Chilean Patagonia, discovering ancient human and animal remains. In conjunction with Junius's field notes, his wife kept a journal, mentioning various local residents, including some who visited or assisted them in their work. The sites are identified as follows:

CL = Cañadón Leona
FC = Fell Cave
PA = Pali Aike (modern spelling)

Douglas [Thompson] -- (CL)
left in charge of camp on Christmas Day

Mr. Campbell (FC, PA)

Wilma Cameron (FC)
baked Christmas pudding

Mrs. Conroy (CL, PA)
from Trocadero?

Kathleen Dettleff (CL)
from Trocadero

Mrs. Donaldson (PA)
sent cakes and jelly from the estancia

Maggie Donaldson (CL)
young daughter of an estancia manager

Mr. Farrance (PA)
capataz of Dickie Section

Mrs. Farrance (PA)

Mr. [William] Fell (FC, PA)
brought mail

John Fell (FC, PA)
son of Mr. [William] Fell

Mr. Foukes (PA)
lent a water barrel

Mr. Frazer (PA)
acting second at Delgado

Mr. Hamilton (FC)
Estancia Portada

Mr. Jackson (PA)

Dr. Jepsum (CL)
young man

Mr. Jones
returned a borrowed book

Mr. Ross (CL)
at estancia; loaned a car tyre

Mrs. Ross (CL)
provided fresh and baked food

Mr. Will Saunders (PA)

Source: "Travels and Archaeology in South Chile", Junius B. Bird, Iowa City, 1988
Photos: Harry Bird, courtesy of American Museum of Natural History (I-2012)
Last updated: 16-IV-2012