The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

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"Anglo" names from the book by Robert & Katherine Barrett

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Ned Chace grew up in New England. In 1897 he signed on as a carpenter aboard a sealing ship bound for sub-Antarctic waters. His voyage ended at the mouth of the Santa Cruz river, where he found work in the newly-developing sheep industry. It was to be more than 30 years before he returned to his homeland.

In 1928, the Barretts met Ned by chance, while on a tour up the east flank of the Cordillera. When he came to visit his sister in Massachusetts the following year, the friendship deepened. Over time, and many conversations, a large stock of anecdotes was collected; this biography is the result.

The people mentioned by Ned and listed here either were British, or had "anglo"-sounding names. The reader should be cautious in interpreting this list: some names have suffered distortion.

Note: Page numbers (below) refer to the book's 1931 edition, avaiable online at Archive.Org.

last/first name 1st ref. page# location information
"Black Jock" 321 n/a shepherd
"Casey" 45 Rio Chico nickname of Irish navvy
"Charlie the Welshman" 133 Ea. Oronaike worked with Swino; worked in Reid's boliche; 1922 assisted in rounding up strikers; committed suicide
"Gringo Duro" 114 "Canal country" [Última Esperanza, Chile] "mean man"
"Jones Grande" 205 N of San Julián Welsh; raised mules
"Mackenzie the Liar" 259 Río Chico n/a
"Pantalón Blanco" 106 San Julián Englishman; sent by Munro's partner [Blake] to learn sheep business
"The Baby" 162 n/a Irish-Argentine; physically strong; carter?
Angus 115 n/a friend of Chace
Betts, 18 Santa Cruz Falklander; one of very large family
Blake, [Robert] 60 San Julián [English]; to Falklands; partner of Munro at San Julián
Braxton, Toby 178 Lago San Martín English; ran small ranch on Río Obstáculo (Chile)
Bricktop?, 128 Ea. Mata Grande / Ea. Oronaike Liverpool stowaway
Buckham, Jimmie [Button, Arthur?] 266 Puerto Conde [Puerto Cóndor, Última Esperanza] traded with Canal Indians by boat
Cameron, 54 n/a Scot; one of the last to drive sheep from north
Carpenter, [James Thomas] 157 [Ea. La Maipú] partner of Giles; sold out to Explotadora in Chile
Carr, 149 Ea. Gap English; young; working for Braun
Clark, 29 Río Santa Cruz North American (Salem); former ship's mate; early trader; 1869 met Musters, when agent for Piedrabuena
Cooper, 119 n/a English; ex-butler; cook
Downer, Bill 206 Río Shehuen Newfoundlander; member of "Fufu" gang
Dunham, [Denholm, Thomas Alexander] 211 San Julián accompanied Hope from North [T. A. Denholm, b. 1868 Paysandú, Uruguay]
Ford, William ["Old Forde"] 191 Lago San Martín Welsh; enlisted in US Navy; sold out to Explotadora in Chile; member of "Fufu" gang; ran sheep on Isla Doble
Frazer, Jack 139 Ea. La Colmena son of John Frazer
Frazer, John 48 San Julián Scot; to Falklands; teacher; ran sheep; bought out Hope; sheep in Gran Bajo
Frazier [Frazer?], Sandy 149 San Julián piper
Giles, [Alfred] 157 Ea. La Maipú English; partner of Carpenter; rancher; sold out to Explotadora in Chile
Glock [Gloak, William] 52 San Julián Scot; ex ship's mate
Greely, 268 Última Esperanza Irish-American; fencer
Hazleup, Sam 81 Tierra del Fuego killed Ona natives
Hilliard, Billy 119 Río Gallegos English; former Thames barge-boy
Hope, [William] 54 San Julián Scot; drove sheep overland from Chubut; built primitive house (La Colmena); bonesetter; sold out to Frazier
Jimmison [Jamieson, Henry] 54 n/a [Scottish parents, born Australia]; drove sheep from north in early days; continued to the Coyle
Jones, 100 San Julián n/a
Kyle, 48 San Julián Scot; to Falklands; carpenter; ran sheep
Lewis, Frank 250 Río Gallegos n/a
Lewis, Mrs. 207 Río Chico kept house for her son
MacDonald, Angus 264 Última Esperanza Falklander
Mackaye [Mackay], 54 n/a Scot; drove sheep from north in early days; continued beyond the Coyle
MacLean, Johnny 243 Ea. Monte León nearby shepherd
McGeorge, 54 n/a Scot; drove sheep from north in early days; continued beyond the Coyle
McIntosh, 54 n/a Scot; one of the last to drive sheep from north brought mares and a stud); "old"
McIvor, 152 Ea. Gap Scot
McKenzie, 208 n/a pipe-major
McLeod, 203 Lago Argentino n/a
Miller, Monty 59 Cañadón Seco / Ea. Mulakaike shepherd; from England to Falklands; worked there for Blake; employed by Heysen
Monroe [Munro, Donald] 49 San Julián from Scotland to Falklands; ran many sheep; partner of Blake; ran a well-stocked store
Nicholson, Malcolm 267 Última Esperanza hired Chace for fencing
O'Keefe, Jack 209 Ea. Monte León member of "Fufu" gang
Patterson, Bob 108 Ea. Mata Grande ran sheep
Pedraluca [Pitaluga], Dick 14 n/a Falklander; father a gaucho from Uruguay; "el gaucho de los gauchos"
Perkins, [Emma] 111 San Julián cook for Munro; wife of William Perkins; accompanied by family
Perkins, [William] 113 San Julián  
Pike, 259 Puesto Tres Hermanos English; shepherd
Poole, [Captain] 19 n/a "seal pirate": poacher and smuggler
Radboon [Radburne], Jimmy 93 Lago San Martín [English]; raised family by a Tehuelche woman
Reed, [Reid, William] 57 San Julián owner of boliche; (later) sold out to Munro
Richmond, Pedro 28 Pescadores ran sheep; son of Englishman; spoke no English
Riddle, 302 Ea. Anita manager; married
Ross, 246 Ea. Monte León hunted ostriches for feathers; excellent shot
Ross, 313 Laguna Blanca manager
Rudd, Bill ["Big Bill"] 334 n/a n/a
Ryan, 55 n/a Irish; drove large flock of sheep from Straits of Magellan via Río Santa Cruz to Aisén
Salters, Bill [William] 98 Río Chico Irish (Belfast); cook
Simmons, Bill 230 Ea. Monte León English
Sloper, Jack 229 Ea. Monte León English; shepherd
Stewart [Stuart?], Johnny 229 Ea. Monte León shepherd
Stewart, Billy 195 n/a n/a
Sutherland, Bob 219 Río Shehuen drove sheep
Swankey, 54 n/a Scot; drove sheep from north in early days; continued beyond the Coyle
Swino [Swinhoe?], 108 Ea. Oronaike ran sheep
Tom [Thom] and Cameron 21 Pescadores owners of ship "Crossowen"; built liquor warehouse up River Santa Cruz
Wallace, 48 Ea. Gap Falklander; ran sheep
Wallace, "Fatty" 43 Lago Tar n/a
Williams, "Rocky" 161 n/a small flock of sheep; preference for black wool; married Indian woman
Williams, Charley 311 between Río Chico and Lago San Martín English; farm manager
Williams, Juan 22 Santa Cruz judge; spoke no English
Wilson, Charles 206 Río Shehuen Scot; ran boliche at Paso; member of "Fufu" gang
Withers, 113 San Julián English; sometime tea taster; brought from Buenos Aires; Munro's storekeeper and bookkeeper
Source: "A Yankee in Patagonia, Edward Chace", Robert & Katharine Barrett, Houghton Mifflin, Cambridge (Mass), 1931
Additional information: Delano Denholm (VII-2011)
Last updated: 4-VII-2011