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Rugby Game [news report]
Punta Arenas, 20-III-1914

«The Glasgow »  vs.  «Patagonia »

A friendly game of football under Rugby Union rules was played on the ground of the British Sports Club on Friday March 20th between a fifteen from the «Glasgow» captained by Lieut. Stewart and a fifteen representing «Patagonia» captained by Mr S. T. Dockray. Stewart won the toss and elected to play against the wind, which was blowing with considerable force. At first the pace was fast and furious and although the «Glasgow» men were in better trim than their opponents, the latter more than held their own and «Glasgow» frequently had to touch down. Better training and combined play, however, began to tell and from a brilliant run by one of the «Glasgow» team the first "try" was scored, but Stewart failed to convert. At halftime the score stood at «Glasgow» 2 "trys", «Patagonia» nil.

In the second half, aided by the wind, the «Glasgow» team were able to keep the ball well in the "Home" half and with a brilliant piece of passing, «Glasgow's» right three quarter scored a try close to the goal post which Stewart was successful in converting. The Visitors secured yet two further 'tries' towards the end of the game and when the whistle blew the score was: «Glasgow» 1 goal and 4 "tries", «Patagonia» nil, or seventeen points to nothing. The score would have been greater but for the individual energetic play displayed by some of the members of the Patagonian team.

As this is the first «Rugger» match which has ever been played in Punta Arenas, it is to be regretted that, owing to the short stay of the «Glasgow», longer notice could not have been given, as we are confident that many people would have liked to have witnessed the game. However we hope before long another opportunity may be afforded the «Veterans» of Punta Arenas to uphold the honour of «Rugger». We feel sure that had the weather been more favourable «Patagonia» would have put up a still harder fight in spite of the fact that the members of the team had never played together before.

Patagonia was represented by: S. T. Dockray (Captain); L. Jacobs; Keith; T. C. Betteridge; Parker; Demery; Davis; A. Jacobs; Woodyear; C. Jacobs & five substitutes.

For the crew of the «Glasgow», the next 12 months would see a different kind of "game". War with Germany broke out in September 1914. On November 1st, they saw action against the German Navy at Coronel, which resulted in a serious defeat for the British fleet. Then on December 8th, off the Falklands, the tables were turned, and the Germans suffered a great loss of ships and men. Only the «Dresden» escaped, to be sunk later by the «Kent» and «Glasgow» at Juan Fernández.

Source: "The Magellan Times", 1-IV-1914
Naval history: "Cape Horn", Felix Riesenberg, Robert Hale Ltd, London, 1941