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Magallanes Race Club, Centenary Cup
Club Hípico de Magallanes, Copa Centenario

* * * Premio Centenario * * *

1,700 metres
First Prize: a silver cup and $7,500
1. Nene, 60ks. C. A. T. Riesco [1] Jockey M. Moreau
2. Siútico, 55kos. St. Magallanes
Time, 1.51
Prices, winner $17, places 16 and 18.

"Nene", ganador del Clásico Centenario

The winner, "Nene"

« On the afternoon of Saturday the 18th instant the long-looked for Centenary races were run off, and needless to say that there was a huge attendance, which included the Infante Don Fernando [2], the Ambassadors and Delegates, and many other distinguished visitors and well-known town people. The two chief races of the day were the Premio Hernando Magallanes and the Copa Centenario, both of which were won by the favourites ...

The following race for the Centenary Cup was confined to animals born in Patagonia or Tierra del Fuego, and of the large number of animals inscribed for the most important race of the day, only six went to the post. As was to be expected from her previous performances, Nene was made favourite although Ostende was very much fancied for the race by a number of admirers ...

After a short wait at the starting post the gate went up at an opportune moment and Nene immediately took the lead followed closely by Siutico and, a little further behind, Daphne, Normandie, Ostende and Pololo. This order was kept up to the 1000 metre mark, where Nene was slightly checked to allow Siutico, who was forcing the pace, to take the lead.

On entering the straight Nene was again let out and some two hundred metres from the winning post it was seen that his triumph was assured, the race terminating in an easy win for the bronze and violet colours. Siutico who put up a very gallant race came in second, two lengths behind the winner in the record time on this course, and Ostende third.

Nene received a great ovation on returning to the Paddock, his consistent running having made him a great favourite with the public. His jockey, Moreau, who at the same time is his trainer, was also complimented on the masterly way in which he rode the winner, which had a great deal to do with his successful performance. »

[end of report]
medal face
medal engraving

The winner's gold medal
["click" to enlarge]

[1]  The tone of excitement in this report is somewhat surprising, until one realizes that the owner and editor of the newspaper (C. A. T. Riesco) was a turf enthusiast. It was his stable that won this event, as well as the 5th and 6th races the following day. Also, at the date of this report, it was leading the field in prize-money for the season.

[2]  Don Fernando, Infante de Baviera y Borbon, and heir-apparent to the Spanish throne, was on a state visit to Chile. While in Magallanes, he inaugurated the statue of Ferdinand Magellan in the main plaza of Punta Arenas, as part of the celebrations of the 400th anniversary of the discovery of the Strait which bears his name.

Source / Fuente: "The Magellan Times", 29-XII-1920
Thanks (photos) / Agradecimientos (fotos): Rae Gregory
/ Actualizado: 19-X-2004