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British Families in Southern Patagonia


Rev. Thomas BRIDGES, b. c1842, Britain; adopted son of George DESPARD; 1856, Keppel Island, Falklands [Malvinas] (SAMS); 1868?, ordained in Britain; 1871, anglican missionary at Ushuaia; author of English–Yahgan dictionary; 1887, retired from mission work to ranch at Harberton, Beagle Channel; d. 1898, Buenos Aires; bur. Chacarita, Bs. As

m. 1869 Totnes, Devon

Mary Ann VARDER, b. 1842, Harberton, Devon; 1910 Ea. Viamonte; d. 1922 Shipbourne, Kent; burial marker


1. Mary Ann Varder, b. 1870 (see below, GRUBB--BRIDGES)

2. Thomas Despard, b. 1872 (see below, BRIDGES--REYNOLDS)

3. Stephen Lucas [Esteban], b. 1874, Ushuaia (see below, BRIDGES--JARDINE)

4. William Samuel, b. 1876, Ushuaia (see below, BRIDGES--LAWRENCE)

5. Bertha Milman, b. 1879, Ushuaia (see below, REYNOLDS--BRIDGES)

6. Alice Couty, b.1882, Ushuaia; unmarried; 1910 acted as foster-mother to brother Will's children after death of Will's wife Minnie; d. 1953 Ea. Viamonte.

Thomas Bridges + family
Rev. Thomas Bridges & family, c1880

Wilfred Barbrooke GRUBB, b. c1866, Scotland; missionary; 1888 Keppel Island (Falklands), met future fiancée; 1889 Gran Chaco, Paraguay, missionary; 1904 established branch mission in San Pedro, Jujuy; d. 1930 Scotland

m. 1901, Buenos Aires

Mary Ann Varder BRIDGES, b. 1870, Falklands; 1880 Bristol, boarding school; 1888 returned to Tierra del Fuego; 1901 worked with husband in Chaco; c1909 moved to Edinburgh; d. 1922 Scotland


1. Bertha Barbrooke, b. 1904, Scotland; d. 1965, Scotland

2. Ethel Mary, b. 1909, Scotland; d. 1959, Scotland

Mary Bridges
Mary Bridges

Thomas Despard BRIDGES, b. 1872, Ushuaia; 1901 marriage home at Harberton; 1907 to Viamonte; 1913 to Kent, England; 1923 rancher at Devuli Ranch, Southern Rhodesia (taking over from Lucas); d. 1935 Southern Rhodesia

m. 1901

Christina Amalia REYNOLDS, (sister of Percival REYNOLDS); b. 1878 Buenos Aires, d. 1944 Southern Rhodesia


1. Mary Christina, b. 1903, Buenos Aires; m. 1924 Donald Murray SOMERVILLE; d. 1980 Southern Rhodesia

2. Walter Despard, b. 1906, Buenos Aires; m. 1943 Josephine Mary ALDRIDGE

3. Violet Bertha, b. 1911, England; m. 1936 Ian Hector DE LA RUE; d. 1983 Zimbabwe

Despard Bridges
Despard Bridges

Stephen Lucas BRIDGES [Esteban], b. 1874, Ushuaia; 1887 Harberton; 1902 established Ea. Viamonte; c1914 enlisted in British army; 1920 rancher in Southern Rhodesia; 1923 ranch manager at River Baker, Aysén; d. 1949, Buenos Aires; bur. Chacarita, Bs. As.

m. 1917 Britain

Jannette McLeod JARDINE, b. 1890, of Glasgow; d. 1976, Necochea; bur. Chacarita, Bs. As.


1. Stephanie Mary, b. 1918, England; m. 1939 Montevideo to John RAWLE; d. 1986, England

2. Ian Lucas, b. 1921, England; boarding school at Uppingham; 1939, captain in Royal Artillery; m. 1942 Joan FOSSY; d. 2005, England

3. David McLeod, b. 1928, England; prep. school in Berkshire; 1939 continued studies in Buenos Aires; m. 1964 Anne MAJDALANY; d. 2009

E. Lucas & Jannette Bridges
E. Lucas & Jannette Bridges,
Ea. Viamonte

William [Guillermo] Samuel BRIDGES, b. 1876, Ushuaia; Harberton; 1887 Harberton; 1901 Viamonte; c1920 return to Harberton; d. 1951, Ea. Viamonte; bur. Ea. Harberton

m. 1901

Minnie May LAWRENCE; b. 1881, Ushuaia; d. 1910 Harberton, in childbirth; bur. Ea. Harberton (see LAWRENCE--MARTIN)


1. Clara Mary, b. 1902, Falklands; m. 1930 John GOODALL; d. 1996, Ea. Viamonte

2. Thomas Lawrence, b. 1903, Ushuaia; d. 1997, Ea. Viamonte; bur. Ea. Harberton

3. William Pakenham, b. 1910, Harberton; m. Susan Constance EDEN; d. 1980, Buenos Aires

Will Bridges
Will Bridges

Percival Alfred REYNOLDS; (brother of Christina REYNOLDS); b. 1880, Buenos Aires; c1903 farmer in Paraguay; 1907 to Tierra del Fuego; d. 1942 Puerto Deseado

m. 1903

Bertha Milman BRIDGES, b. 1879, Ushuaia; 1907 to Viamonte; d. 1968, Ea. Viamonte


1. Percival William, b. 1904, Paraguay; d. 1940, Buenos Aires; bur. Chacarita, Bs. As.

2. Robert Thomas, b. 1912, Punta Arenas; m. 1935 Frances Helene JENSEN; d. 1964, Ea. Viamonte

3. Harold Walter, b. 1914, England; d. 1988, Ea. Viamonte

Bertha Bridges
Bertha Bridges
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Thanks: Natalie Goodall (IV-2014)
Last updated: 16-IX-2017