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British Families in Southern Patagonia


William James LEWIS [Sr.]; SAMS lay catechist; carpenter; 1869 family travelled from Bristol to Keppel, Falklands [Malvinas]; 1870 at Ushuaia; 1876 returned to Keppel; later to Port Stanley; d. 1903?
Eleanor Sivitor BRITTEN; SAMS lay catechist; first non-native woman to live in Tierra del Fuego;
1. William [Guillermo] James, b. 1869 Bristol; d. 1943; (see LEWIS--FINCH, below)
2. Frank Ushuaia, b. 1871 Ushuaia?, Tierra del Fuego; (see below);
3. Eleanor Eliza ("Nell"), b. 1876 Keppel[?], Falklands [Malvinas]

Lewis family

William James LEWIS [Jr.]; (see above) <1905 Ea. Cañadón del Toro, Santa Cruz; d. 1943;
m1. Beatriz LUXTON;
1. Mark m. Eliza Elliot DOWNER, of Canada
2. Orissa m. Paul EVAN

Margarita Annie Clee[?] FINCH;
1. Arthur [Arturo] Ferdinand Sivitor, b. 1908 Ea. Corpenaike, Santa Cruz; d. 1988;
2. Theodore Gilbert, b. 1912, Ea. Corpenaike, Santa Cruz;


Frank [Francisco] Ushuaia LEWIS; (see above)
Margaret [Margarita] Maxwell Stewart HUTTON, of Dumfries;
1. Frank Ronald Maurice, b. 1911 Punta Arenas
2. Roy; d. Dumfries
3. Mabel
4. Stella

Thanks: Roger Lewis, James Lewis
Photo: reprinted in "Ushuaia 1884-1984", from "Argentina Austral"
Additional data: "La Opinión Austral", 3-XII-2000
Last updated: 9-XII-2014