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British Families in Southern Patagonia


James William RICE; b. c1865 Manchester; son of Santiago [James?] RICE & Susana FULHAM; 1900 said to have been brought to Ea. Consuelo from Ea. Chymen-Aike by Hermann EBERHARD (along with William EMMOTT); One of the earliest settlers in Última Esperanza, near Cerro Castillo; employed by Braun & Blanchard; 1927-35 Director of the "Club Natales" (athletics); d. 1944 Puerto Natales

m. 1899 Chorlton, Lancs.

Margaret Ann STAHLER, b. 1876 Manchester; dtr. of Andrew [Andreas] STAHLER, tailor and cutter, born Ruchheim, Bavaria, Germany (1836-1916) (his 2nd marriage, 1872) & Sarah Ann LAWLER [LAWLOR/LALOR] (1843-1881), of Irish descent; probable sister to Alice STAHLER, buried at Ea. Punta Alta, Prov. Santa Cruz; 1899 sailed from Liverpool to Punta Arenas; d. 1958 Puerto Natales

Children (born in Chile):
1. Andrés, b. c1906 Puerto Natales; (see RICE--ALVARADO, below)
2. William; (see RICE-???, below)
3. Freddie; (see RICE--BENAVENTE, below)

William & Margaret Rice,
with son Andrés 

Andrés RICE Stholer; b. c1906 Puerto Natales; before 1946 member of "Club Deportivo Victoria", Punta Arenas; 1946 employed at Río Seco Frigorífico, near Punta Arenas ; d. 1946 in road accident (see RICE--STHOLER, above)

m. 1929 Puerto Natales

Virginia ALVARADO Ruiz

1. Luis, b. 1933; d. 1994; (see RICE--SANDOVAL, below)
2. Raúl; no descent

 Andrés Rice

William [Guillermo 2º] RICE Stholer; 1923 in charge of Puesto Cañadón, Ea. Cerro Guido, Última Esperanza; d. 1969 P. Natales (see RICE--STHOLER, above)

m. Río Gallegos?, Argentina


1. Elsa m. FLORES

Willy Rice

Freddie RICE Stholer (see RICE--STHOLER, above)

m. Concepción?, Chile

Grimanesia BENAVENTE Durán

1. Gladys
2. Nolfa

Freddie Rice

Luis RICE Alvarado (see RICE--ALVARADO, above)

m. 1955

María SANDOVAL Cerda

1. Eduardo
2. Luis
3. Ana María

Thanks: Ana María & Luis Rice S., Carol de la Jara Rice
Internet resources:
(a) LDS Family Search http://familysearch.org
(b) England & Wales civil registration indexes http://freebmd.org.uk
Additional sources:
(1) Nelson Danilo Alvarez V.
(2) "El Magallanes", Punta Arenas, 25-II-1946
(3) "Ultima Esperanza en el Tiempo", Mateo Martinic, 2000
(4) Interview with Manuel Córdova, unidentified newspaper 
Last updated: 15-III-2012