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British Families in Southern Patagonia


George Walter PECK, 1919 from Falkland Islands [Malvinas] to Chile (Punta Arenas?) with family on the "Sampson"; said to have lived in Porvenir, Tierra del Fuego; 1923 family returned to Falklands, following death of wife; d. 1941 Rio Gallegos, Prov. Santa Cruz;

m. 1910;

Louisa ANDERSON, b. 1887 Falklands; d. 1923 Chile;

1. Lavina Maude, b. 1911
2. Lily, b. 1922 Chile?
3. Bella
4. Alexandra
5. James
6. George
7. Luisa

Source:  John Berntsen (VI-2008)
Last updated: 6-I-2009