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John Bruce FRAZER

b. c1844 Perthshire; at Scone, trained teacher; schoolmaster in Inverness; c1879 to Port Darwin, Falklands [Malvinas]; paymaster and schoolmaster; 1889?/1895? to San Julián; sheep rancher; purchased Ea. La Colmena, among others; c1910 retired to Arbroath, Scotland; d. 1916 Arbroath; gravestone



b. c1851; d. 1928 Arbroath; gravestone


1. John, b. Scotland; (continued below,

2. Euphemia, b. 1882 Port Darwin m. Alexander TAYLOR of Laurencekirk

3. Annie; b. Port Darwin; m. STURROCK

4. David; b. Port Darwin; 1916 in Egypt with Scottish Horse (WW-I)

The death of our esteemed citizen, Mr J. B. Frazer, which took place at his residence, Colmena, Nolt Loan Road, about noon on Wednesday, has occasioned deep and widespread regret in the community. On his retirement from business in Patagonia, Argentine Republic, Mr Frazer along with his wife and family came to live in Arbroath, and since then he had taken a keen and intelligent interest in municipal affairs. The deceased gentleman who was a native of Perthshire, was trained to the teaching profession, and was for some years at a school in Scone. In 1880 he left for the Falkland Islands where for some years he held the position of paymaster and schoolmaster under the Falkland Islands Sheep Farming Country. He subsequently proceeded to the Argentine Republic, where he became an extensive sheep farmer, owning large ranches at La Colmena, San Julian. After an exceedingly prosperous career, he came to Arbroath about ten years ago, leaving the management of this business in the hands of his eldest son. Since he setled in Arbroath, Mr Frazer has made more than one visit to The Argentine in connection with business affairs ...

Few more public spirited citizens have lived in our midst and few will be more missed than Mr Frazer. He has died at the age of seventy-two, but he seemed many years younger when moving about in his usual health. The deepest sympathy will be extended to his sorrowing wife and family in their irreparable bereavement. One of his sons is with the First Scottish Horse in Egypt, and the other, as has been stated, has the management of the estates in the Argentine. Of his two daughters, one is married to Mr A. G. Taylor of Keilburn, Laurencekirk. The younger daughter is at home.


John FRAZER (from above, FRAZER—HERALD)

At Ea. La Colmena, San Julián, successful in wool trade; continued family business after father retired; director/delegate of S.A. Importadora y Exportadora de la Patagonia; d. 1950 Buenos Aires; buried Chacarita; family left the region




Children: (total of 10? -- more information needed):

1. Ronald, b. c1910; d. 1942 Atlantic Ocean (ship torpedoed - WW-II)

2. Thelma Norah, b. c1919; m. William Robert Duncan PATTERSON; d. 1942 Atlantic Ocean (ship torpedoed
during WW-II)

3. Kenneth

portrait Señor Juan Frazer
(1) Obituary of John Bruce Frazer, Arbroath Guide, 11-XI-1916
(2) Obituary of Don Juan Fazer, Argentina Austral, #228, VII-1950
(3) Book "Centenario de Puerto San Julian", 2001
Thanks: Bruce Taylor (IX-2005) ; Neil MacAlpine III-2010) ; Carlos Nuevo (III-2018)
Last updated: 23-III-2018