The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

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Alfred GILES; b. 1864 Hungerford, Berkshire?; 1897-07 Última Esperanza, Chile; c1908 moved with partner CARPENTER to Lago San Martín, Prov. Santa Cruz; 1909 owner of Ea. La Maipú; horse-breeder; d. 1929 Newbury, Berkshire

m. 1926 Newbury, Berkshire

Dorothy Vera GILBEY; b. 1900 Southern Rhodesia (?registered 1901 Saffron Waldon, Essex); 1929 inherited Ea. La Maipú on death of husband; sailed to Argentina to inspect estancia; (continued below)


Niall Brian LAWLESS; b. Ireland?; 1930 employed by Bank of London and South America, Bs. As.; 1930-39 travelled between Argentina and UK; 1939 enlisted in UK for WW-II; 1944 family sold Ea. La Maipú to Leyenda family; 1948 final return to UK; family photo album

m. 1930 Buenos Aires

Dorothy Vera GILES née GILBEY (from above); 1930-39 travelled with husband between Argentina and UK; 1939 returned to Argentina; 1940-44 living between Prov. Santa Cruz and Belgrano, Bs. As.; 1948 return to UK


1. Aileen; b. 1933 Maidenhead, Berkshire
2. Michael; b. 193? Maidenhead, Berkshire
3. Margarita; b. 1940 Buenos Aires

Thanks: Margarita King (III-2010, IV-2011)
Additional sources:
(1) England+Wales civil registration indexes
(2) "El Jimmy: Outlaw of Patagonia", Herbert Childs, J B Lippincott Company, 1936
Last updated: 14-IV-2011