The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

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james mary
James Grant KEMP; b. 1868 Aberdeen; son of Peter KEMP, spirit dealer, & Margaret GRANT; possibly raised by grandparents; accountant; 1893 to Ea. San Gregorio, Magallanes; farm manager; 1909 to Ea. Los Manantiales, near San Julián; manager; 1916 visited Britain; d. 1947 Buenos Aires

m. 1894 Punta Arenas

Mary MACKINNON; b. c1868 Isle of Skye; dtr. of Allen MACKINNON & Christine BRUCE; d. 1953


1. Allan James; b. 1894 San Gregorio; bap. 1896; manager of Eas. Los Machos, La Carlota, Coy Aike; m. Phillis HALLIDAY Johnston; with descent
2. John; b. 1896 San Gregorio; bap. 1898; died young
3. William ["Guillermo"]; b. 1902? San Gregorio; bap. 1906; owned Ea. 17 de Mayo; m. Florencia MACLEAN, b. 1907 Punta Arenas; 4 children; d. 1963
4. Neil; b. 1899 San Gregorio; bap. 1900; bought Ea. Los Manantiales jointly with sister Margarita; did not marry; d. 1958
5. Elizabeth Margaret ["Margarita"]; b. 1903? San Gregorio; bap. 1906; bought Ea. Los Manantiales jointly with brother Neil; did not marry; d. 1985
6. Carlos Kenneth; b. 1908 San Gregorio; owned Ea. La Flecha; 1950 founded Ea. La Querencia; m. Gertrudis STICH; 1 child; d. 1969

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(4) Various Passenger Lists, UK arrivals
Thanks: Mary Kemp de Walker (III-2010); Graeme Kemp (VII-2010)
Last update: 8-XI-2010