The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia


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The 3 Romanofsky sisters and their families, Punta Arenas, 1909 —
(Left) Henry & Sarah; (Centre) Joseph & Golda; (Right) Simon & Rebecca

Simon DUNN (originally DON); b. c1875, Vilnius district, Lithuania into Jewish family; c1895 to Britain; 1901 Whitechapel, London; tailor; c1902 family emigrated from London (Whitechapel) to Punta Arenas; shopkeeper, furrier, trading in Indian goods; 1913 family returned on the Orita to Britain; settled in East Ham, London

m. c1895 Vilnius, Lithuania

Rebecca ("Rivella") ROMANOFSKY, sister of Sarah (below) and Golda (below); b. c1876 Vilnius(?), Lithuania into Jewish family; c1895 to Britain; c1902 with family to Punta Arenas; 1913 returned with family to Britain


1. Millie (Mabel Emilia); b. c1898 London; m. 1916 St. Austell to Norman H (Max) MAY
2. Bella; b. c1900; d. 1901 Whitechapel
3. Robert; b. c1902 Punta Arenas; m. 1922 Kingston to Gertrude F WHITE (Kliman/Kleiman/Clayman)
4. Sophie (Sofia); b. c1905 Punta Arenas; m. 1928 Poplar to Alexander KRITZ
5. Mary (Ana María); b. c1906 Punta Arenas; m. Maurice HORN
6. Frances (Fanny); b. c1908 Punta Arenas; m 1932 London to Maurice JACOBS
7. David; b. 1911 Punta Arenas; m. 1938 Clapton Synagogue, East London to Yetta HURST (Herscovitch/Herskovitch)


Henry POIRIER (originally Herman BIRNBAUM); b. 1871 Bucharest, Romania into Jewish family; c1888 to Marseille, France; c1890 to Punta Arenas; 1897 at Estancia Cullen, Tierra del Fuego; successful trader in furs and hides, founded "Peletería Magallanes"; ran curio shop; photographer, published postcards; d. 1915 Santiago, Chile; photo album

m. 1902 Mile End, London

Sara(h) ROMANOFSKY, (sister of Rebecca (above) and Golda (below); b. c1883 into Jewish family; to Britain; 1902 emigrated with husband to Punta Arenas; 1925 after husband's death, family returned to Britain on the Oroya; d. 1939 East Ham


1. Arturo (Arthur); b. c1902 Punta Arenas; 1941 living Wanstead; m. 1929? Stepney, London to Fanny (Faye) SWENETSKY?
2. Federico; b. [unknown]; d. 1904 Punta Arenas
3. Frida María; b. c1907 Punta Arenas; 1941 living Leeds; m. 1931 West Ham to Arthur DALEY (Dalinsky)
4. Carmen Fanny (Carmelita); b. c1914 Punta Arenas; 1941 living High Wycombe; m. 1931 Holborn, London to Hyman Joseph GORDON
5. Bernard Mordecai; b. c1915 Punta Arenas; 1941 living Haresbrook, Essex; m. 1939 Stepney, London to Zelda DYWIEN


Joseph ("Jose") Leszerovich LEVY; b. 1871 "Russia" into Jewish family; to Britain; bootmaker; 1907 emigrated with family to Punta Arenas; shopkeeper; 1917 family moved to New York, USA; d. 1944

m. 1895 Mile End, London

Golda ROMANOFSKY, sister of Rebecca (above) and Sarah (above); b. c1869 "Russia" into Jewish family; to Britain; 1907 emigrated with husband to Punta Arenas; 1917 with family to New York, USA


1. Bertha; b. 1896 London; d. 1975
2. Rebecca; b. 1898 London
3. Mary; b. 1899 Barkington (Essex?); d. 1967
4. Anna ("Anita"); b.  1910 Punta Arenas; d. 1967
5. Elena ("Helen"); b. 1913 Punta Arenas; d. 1961

(1) Benjamin Dunn (IV-2011, II-2013); Henry Poirier (II-2012)
(2) England & Wales Civil Registration Indexes
(3) Ellis Island, NY US Immigrant Passenger Lists
(4) UK emigrant + immigrant ships' passenger lists
(5) Property records and Commercial directories, Punta Arenas
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