The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

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Albert RUSS; b. 1881, Wanborough, Wiltshire; son of Joseph RUSS, shepherd, & Mary; c1898 to Río Gallegos; initially lived in company with natives; worked on estancias, herded sheep; 1909 (after marriage in England) returned to Mazarredo with future brother-in-law John SLOPER, setting up a hotel; worked for a time in Ea. La Madrugada (GRANT family); transferred hotel to KM.80 of Deseado-Las Heras railway line; d. 1957 Puerto Madryn

m. 1908 (registered) Hungerford, Berkshire

Rose Annie (Annie Rose / Rosa Anita) WHERRELL; b. 1886 Aldbourne, Wiltshire; dtr. of John WHERRELL, bricklayer & Alicia; sister of Kate WHERRELL; 1901 servant in Ramsbury, Wilts/Berks.; 1910-11 traveled to Mazarredo (via Punta Arenas) with son Albert John; d. 1952 Trelew, Argentina

Children: (total of 13)
1st. Albert John (Jack); b. 1909 Aldbourne, Wilts.; 1911 to Patagonia; (much later) to San Antonio Oeste; m. Celedonia Celestina RODRIGUEZ

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