The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

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John KING, 1891 travelled from Dartmouth to Falkland Islands [Malvinas]; employed as cooper by FIC; 1897 family left islands


Jessie MACHATTIE [or MCHATTIE / MAC-HATTIE], b. c1868; from Aberdeeshire; 1891 travelled with husband to Falklands


(born Falklands)
1. Jessie Ann, b. 1891
2. John McHattie, b. 1892
3. Henry [Enrique], b. 1894
4. Augusta Malphina, b. 1895; d. 1974; bur. Punta Arenas

(born Magallanes?)
5. Antonio, b. 1897? ; d. 1898

1. Tansy Bishop, National Archives, Stanley
2. Archivo Judicial de Punta Arenas, Archivos Nacionales, Santiago de Chile
Thanks: Nelson Flores King (VI-2012)
Last updated: 30-VI-2012