The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

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Robert Hunt SADLEIR, b. 1882 Tasmania, Australia, son of Nicholas SADLEIR (Anglo-Irish) & Anna Georgina STURGESS (Australian); c1903 emigrated to Argentina; sheep farmer at Comodoro Rivadavia; d. 1961 Comodoro Rivadavia


Cecilia Johanna BOTHA; b. c1882 South Africa [?], dtr. of Abrham BOTHA & Hester SMIT; d. 1953 Argentina


1. Hester Mary, b. 1916 Comodoro Rivadavia; 1927 educated and settled in Scotland; 1970 awarded MBE; d. 1997 Edinburgh
2. Cecil, b. c1918 Comodoro Rivadavia; deceased (Argentina)
3. Nicholas, b. c1920 Comodoro Rivadavia; deceased (Argentina)

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