The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

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familia John Charles ["Jack"] DICKS

b. 1858 Abergavenny; son of Charles DICKS & Susan STAFF; 1887 to Magallanes; 1888 to Tierra del Fuego, worked gold diggings; 1893 employed by SETF; 1895 shepherd at San Sebastián; 1986 called as witness in criminal investigation into repression and murder of Selknam natives; 1897 Punta Arenas, owned property; 1898 merchant; founder member of Sociedad Cosmopolita de Socorros Mutuos; 1921 Porvenir, resident; d. 1941 Punta Arenas

m. 1898 Porvenir, Tierra del Fuego

Lucrecia ROJAS Vargas

b. c1862 Chile; dtr. of Juan Facundo ROJAS & Victoria Anna VARGAS y Rojas; 1897 Porvenir, schoolteacher; the island's postal agent; 1934 Punta Arenas, in retirement; biography [in Spanish]


1. Sara Cornelia, b. 1899 Magallanes; m. William Henry BREFFIT, estancia manager; with descent

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(2) "Sumario sobre vejámenes inferidos a indijenas de Tierra del Fuego", Expediente 112, Legajo 75, Archivo Judicial de Magallanes, 1895
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