The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

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Dorothea and Robert Blake Sr.
Robert BLAKE (Senior)

b. 1851, Somerset, England; 3rd son (5th child) of William BLAKE, magistrate, & Fanny BROWNE; Trained as a mechanical engineer in Munich, Germany; 1873 Went to Falklands where he learned about Patagonian sheep farming with the Falkland Islands Company; 1874 became partner of Ernest HOLMESTED, farming at Shallow Bay; Established himself first in Hill Cove (Falkland Islands) and then expanded to the continent; 1892 founded Estancia Coronel, at San Julián, in partnership with Donald MUNRO, initially holding 40,000 hectares (eventually reaching 175,000); Founded the San Julián Sheep Farming Company; 1898 Returned with family to England; 1909, accompanied by his wife, revisited the farm (then managed by his son Robert (Junior)); d. 1931

m. 1881 Chorlton, Lancs.

Dorothea ("Dora") HERFORD

b. 1853, Lancaster, England; dtr. of Rev. William HERFORD & Elizabeth DAVIES (or DAVIS); d. 1923


1. Elizabeth ("Elsie"), b.1882; m. James E. CURREY; d. 1938
2. Robert, b. 1884 (see BLAKE--WEDDERBURN, below)
3. Caroline Edith Bridget, b. 1886, d. 1956
4. Violet, b. 1887
5. Edward William ("Willy") Herford, b. 1889, m. Lettice MARRIOTT
6. Dorothy F., b. 1892 m. Wyndham CARLES
7. Arthur Locke, b. 1895 (see BLAKE--WORSLEY, below)
8. Norman D., b. 1896; m1. 1924 Alice BOYLE; m2. 1948 M. Wendy GREENSTREET; d. 1974


Robert Blake Sr. & Jr.
Robert BLAKE (Junior)

b. 1884; son of Robert BLAKE (Senior) & Dorothea HERFORD (see above); 1903-1905 work experience at San Julián and Falklands; 1905-1907 work experience in Australia; 1908 took over management of Ea. Coronel (Prov. Santa Cruz); modernized the farm: brought new equipment (machine shears; hydraulic wool press); imported Corriedale rams from New Zealand; improved infrastructure; successfully faced difficult times (1919 farm intervention after partner Donald MUNRO died intestate; 1921 labourers' strike); 1928 Passed on management of the farm to his brother Arthur (see below), and returned to England with his family; d. 1965

m. 1911


b. 1885 Forfar; dtr. of Alexander Stormonth MACLAGAN-WEDDERBURN, medical doctor, & Anne OGILVIE; d. 1972


4 children


Millicent and Arthur Blake
Arthur Locke BLAKE

b. 1895 Hill Cove, Falklands; son of Robert BLAKE (Senior) & Dorothea HERFORD (see above); boarding school in England; to Uppingham; 1914 joined Somerset Light Infantry; awarded OBE/Mil; 1919 to Ea. Coronel; 1928 took over management of Ea. Coronel from brother Robert (Junior) (see above); d. 1976

m. 1924 Birmingham

Millicent Ellen WORSLEY

b. 1901 King's Norton (registration district); dtr. of Philip John WORSLEY & Muriel A. SMITH; d. 1964


1. John Locke b. 1928 (see BLAKE--LAWRENCE, below)
2. Hugh W. b. 1930; m. L. Ruth SLEEMAN
3. Eleanor M. b. 1932; m1. Christopher DAVIS; m2. Roderick N. DIXON
4. Rosemary Joy b. 1935; m. J. Jeremy GORING


John Locke Blake and siblings
John Locke BLAKE

b. 1928 Winscombe, Somerset; son of Arthur Locke BLAKE & Millicent Ellen WORSLEY (see above); 1937 to Lambrook prep school, Brackell; 1940 returned to Patagonia; 1941 to Grange School, Santiago; 1947 served in Royal Artillery; 1952 Cambridge graduated BA (agriculture); initial work experience with Holmested, Blake (Falklands); 1958 with Patagonian Sheep Farming Company at Ea. Condor (Prov. Santa Cruz); 1961 farm manager; developed Cormo Argentino breed of sheep; 1978 Estancia Coronel sold to SIRACUSA brothers; 1979 purchased Estancia Killik Aike Norte (KAN) from Carlos FELTON (who retained ususfruct); 1981 awarded OBE for services to British community in Patagonia; 1988 moved to KAN; 1995 retired from active management; d. 2012

m. 1955 Montevideo

Monica Beaven LAWRENCE

b. 1934 Salto, Uruguay; dtr. of Herbert Beaven LAWRENCE, bank manager, & Violet Sophie ALMON

Descent: 5 children

Source: "A Story of Patagonia", John Locke Blake, The Book Guild, Lewes, 2003
Thanks: Steve Blake (III-2014)
Photographs reproduced by kind permission of Steve Blake (email, 4-III-2015)
Page created: 3-III-2015
Last updated: 5-III-2015