The British Presence
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Thomas [Don Tomás] O'BYRNE

b. 1889 Grange Con, County Wicklow, Ireland; son of John BYRNE; 1908 to Puerto Deseado, worked for Dermot Gun O'MAHONY at Ea. La Madrugada, where he became manager; befriended José FONT (Facón Grande), a cart freighter who did work with the farm (later executed during the labour strike of 1922); managed Estancia 8 de Julio (farm belonging to Mauricio BRAUN); later, took over the management of Ea. Monte León in Puerto Santa Cruz, and was instrumental in the development of the internationally renowned "Cabaña Monte León" (a leading Corriedale Stud farm); d. 1961 Ea. Monte León, Santa Cruz

m. 1924 Pico Truncado, Santa Cruz

Anne BUDGE Bain

b. 1902 Lybster, Caithness, Scotland; dtr. of John BUDGE & Margaret BAIN; 1920 to Puerto Deseado, sent out with her uncle George BAIN and his newly-wed wife Nelly MACKAY, to keep them company at Ea. Floradora; d. 1992 Río Gallegos.


1. Tomás Juan (Jack); b. 1925 Puerto Deseado; m. Vivienne KIRBY; 4 children; d. 1971 Río Gallegos

2. Guillermo Patricio (Pat); b. 1926 Puerto Deseado; m. Naomi Hope KENNARD Rudd; 4 children; d. 1994 Buenos Aires

3. Kathleen; b. 1931 Puerto Deseado; m. Gustavo GOERING; d. 2001 Río Gallegos; no descent

4. Mary (Moll); b. 1933 Puerto Deseado; m. Héctor José NEIL; no descent

5. Archibald (Archie); b. 1944 Puerto Santa Cruz; deceased; unmarried; no descent


Newlyweds: Tom and Anne, 1924
Source: O'Byrne family (IV-2016)
Page created: 7-IV-2016
Last updated: 7-IV-2016