The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

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John MACDONALD; of Keose, Isle of Lewis; to Punta Arenas; 1908 to San Julián; at Eas. Lay Aike, El Puma; 1910 at Ea. Coronel; 1926 formed Ea. Río Seco; d. 1958

m1. 1918 San Julián

Rosemary PERKINS dtr. of Henry PERKINS & Emma SOUTHBY; d. 1925

1. Emily; to Montevideo
2. Ellen m. Duncan PICKERING
3. Johnnie m. Carmen LONGIERA
4. Mary
5. Rosie; b. 1925; m. Enrique DUCCA


m2. c1926/27

Mabel PERKINS; sister of first wife; d. 1972

1. Hubert (Bertie); b. c1927; d. 1988
2. Sarah; to Buenos Aires; m. Vladimiro MARINELIC
3. Mabel; m. Daniel MIRANDA; with husband, took over family farm
4. Jessie; to Trelew; m. Luis SEVERO CUESTA

(1) "Return to Patagonia", Greta Mackenzie, The Islands Book Trust, 2010
(2) "1901-2001 Centenario de Puerto San Julián", Tomo II
Last update: 4-IV-2011