The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

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b. 1871 Balallan, Isle of Lewis; son of John MARTIN & Mary SMITH; 1893 via Punta Arenas to Santa Cruz Territory, working at the location later to become Ea. Las Horquetas; 1900 at Ea. Chank-Aike; 1902 established Ea. Rubens for MOLESWORTH / MOLSWORTH (later acquired by Ea. Glencross); 1907 founded Ea. Chali-Aike; 1914 built main house; d. 1941; buried Río Gallegos; early biography

m. 1904

Anne RITCHIE [?]

from Perth; d. 1932; buried Río Gallegos


1. Frances, b. between 1904 and 1907 at estancia currently known as Las Horquetas; primary education in Edinburgh; m. Emilio ["Pacho"] FERNÁNDEZ Salles (brother of Alicia, d. 1964 Río Gallegos); couple administered Ea. Alquinta (property of the family of Eugenio FERNÁNDEZ and María SALLES); d. 1982 Río Gallegos

2. Mary, b. 1911 Chali-Aike; educated at St. Hilda's College; m1. Antonio GALLARD Berdier (d. 1950); couple lived at and administered Ea. Cóndor Cliff; m2. Argentino RUBALCABA; couple lived at and administered Ea. Tres Marías;  d. 1983 Río Gallegos

3. Angus Juan ["Jack"], b. 1915 Chali-Aike; primary education in Edinburgh; secondary education at St. George's College, Quilmes; m. 1940 Alicia ["Rocha"] FERNÁNDEZ Salles (1910-2002, sister of Emilio); lived at and administered Ea. Chali-Aike; d. 1981 Río Gallegos


Angus Martin and Ann Ritchie[?] with daughter Frances in vegetable garden at Chali Aike, 1910


Jack Martin (Edinburgh, c1922)

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(3) Documentation provided by Martin family members (2015-16)
Updated: 11/16-III-2016