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British Families in Southern Patagonia


Eugen [Eugenio] Reinhold NOETZEL Moldt

bap. 1870 Danzig, Prussia; son of Julius NOETZEL & Friedericke Dorothea MOLDT; settled in Falklands [Malvinas]; 1899 immigrated with family to Punta Arenas on SS "Ammon"; hotelier ("Harbour View") / brewer; d. 1912 Punta Arenas

m. 1897 Stanley, Falklands [Malvinas]

Mary Ann PORTER Williams

b. 1878, Douglas Station, Falklands; dtr. of Joseph Thomas PORTER & Elizabeth WILLIAMS; d. 1910 Punta Arenas


1. Elizabeth Margaret, b. 1897 Falklands [Malvinas]; d. 1975 Punta Arenas; bur. Punta Arenas

2. Anna Maria, b. 1899 Punta Arenas; d. 1899 Punta Arenas

3. Frederick Ernest, b. 1900 Punta Arenas

4. Ernest George (Ernesto Jorge), b. 1902 Punta Arenas; d. 1903 Punta Arenas

portraitMary Ann PORTER

5. Rose (Rosa Ana), b. 1903 Punta Arenas; bap. 1904 Punta Arenas, godparent Harold NEILSON; m. Héctor Alejandro COLOMBO Baserga

    Child: María Luisa NOETZEL (see VALENZUELA--NOETZEL, below).

6. Dorothy Mary (Dorotea María), b. 1905; bap.1905 Punta Arenas. d. 1906 Punta Arenas

7. Charles (Eugenio Carlos), b. 1907 Punta Arenas; d. < 1952 Falklands

8. Alfredo Ernesto, b. 1908 Punta Arenas; d. 1908 Punta Arenas

9. Emily Jane (Emilia Juana), b. 1910 Punta Arenas; d. 1911 Punta Arenas

Siblings of Mary Ann PORTER Williams who also came to Patagonia:

(1) Thomas PORTER (1890-?) a.k.a. "Alexander" or "Alack"; in Patagonia during WW-I.

(2) Charles PORTER (1892-1954) Farm worker (peon); eventually returned to Falklands; died in boating accident.

(3) George PORTER (1893-1909) Drowned off Dawson Island, Strait of Magellan.

We regret to record the death of George Porter who was drowned off Dawson Island on January 11th. Captain Johansen of the "Ciudad de Amberes" reported that he left with his ship for Dawson Island to take on a cargo of wool. When San Valentín was reached the captain ordered the two sailors George Porter and Charles Gunson and the five lightermen to take a small boat and row it to the empty lighter, he himself getting into the boat. All went well until the lighter was reached and the captain sprang upon it. The men then all stood up in the boat to climb up, and to the consternation of the captain who was watching, the boat turned over and the men were all in the water. The captain at once shouted to the "Amberes" but unluckily the engineer and fireman were down below, and the cook was in the galley, and none heard a sound. Of the seven men, six were drowned before the shouts of the captain brought the engineer on deck. He was able to save one man clinging to the side of the lighter. A search for the bodies was made without success.

Source: The Falkland Islands Magazine and Church Paper, dated March 1909

Siblings of Eugen Reinhold NOETZEL Moldt who also came to Patagonia:

(1) Ana Margarita (Anna Margaretha) NOETZEL Moldt, bap. 1874 Danzig, Prussia; d. 1919 Punta Arenas

(2) Federico (Friedrich Wilhelm) NOETZEL Moldt, bap. 1869 Danzig, Prussia; d. 1921 Punta Arenas


Fernando Antonio VALENZUELA Cordonnier

d. 1982


María Luisa NOETZEL

b. 1924 Punta Arenas (see NOETZEL--PORTER, above); deceased


1. María Elena

2. María Cecilia

3. Fernando Agustín


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Valenzuela--Noetzel Family information: María Cecilia Valenzuela N. (V-2011)
Noetzel--Porter Family information, death report and photograph: Jean Sinclair (I-2015)
Last updated: 10-II-2015