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Última Esperanza, Chile : c1930
+ + Photo Album of Lisbeth and Richard Lauezzari + +

Richard Lauezzari was a German national employed by the Sociedad Explotadora de Tierra del Fuego. He worked as manager at Estancia Cerro Guido from c1925 to c1936. He and Lisbeth Scheinpflug were married in 1926. The accompanying photographs have been kindly provided by Dr. Jens Beyersdorf.

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Estancia Cerro Guido
 Cerro Guido, manager's house closeup
(1) manager's house, close-up
Cerro Guido, view to Paine
(2) Paine massif, house in foreground
Cerro Guido, manager's house in winter
(3) manager's house, winter scene
Cerro Guido, manager's house
(4) manager's house, setting
Frigorífico Puerto Bories
Frig. Bories, plant
(5) freezer plant from pier
Frig. Bories, vessel at pier
(6) cargo vessel at pier
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