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The British and American Sports' Club, Río Gallegos  [news report]
founded 13 September 1914

A meeting was held in the British Club Río Gallegos on Sunday September 13th, at which most of the local British and American residents were present. After a lengthy discussion, it was decided to form a Sports' Club, to be named "The British and American Sports' Club", which should embrace all practicable games. The entrance fee will be $5., with an annual subscription of $12. payable half-yearly in advance.

The following gentlemen were elected Office Bearers:
Dr. E. G. Fenton, President
Mr. J. C. Voak, Vice-President
Mr. J. E. Dutfield, Secretary and Treasurer

Mr. H. S. Chinchen
F. Goodmanson Junr.
W. G. Pople
J. Mac Kinnon
G. H. Harper
E. Molloy.

Gentlemen desirous of becoming members, kindly communicate with the Secretary.

Source: "The Magellan Times", 24-IX-1914