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The British Club, Río Gallegos (founded 18th April 1911)
Founders and Vice-Presidents

The Club was first called the Coronation Club.

Founder Members

George McGeorge President
Dr. E. G. Fenton Vice President
Thomas [H.] Evans Hon. Secretary
Wm. M. Gilmour /*/ Hon. Treasurer
John Duncan Committee
David Anderson do.
James Slater do.
Sidney Scudder do.

Max Loewenthal James R. Sinclair Fred. J. Biggs
Herbert S. Felton James Peebles Hubert M. Carr
Robert White Leonard Dixon James Welsh
Norman Macdonald William Halliday N. H. Irving
E. W. Nicolaus W. T. Rudd Halvar Pedersen
Ernest Hobbs Alfred Scott Malcolm Macleod
Fred Darling John R. Douglas John Dickie
Ernest Sattler Robert G. Douglas J. R. Conery
S. Chapman Thomas Douglas J. F. Brady
J. Miller Donald Mackay E. F. Beecher
H. Taylor Hugh Macdonald C. O. Creed

/*/ W. M. Gilmour was Manager of the Anglo South American Bank, Río Gallegos.

Camp Representatives (1911)

J. R. C. Sinclair [Puerto] Santa Cruz
R. Lively do.
R. Patterson San Julián
John Fraser do.

Vice Presidents (to 1939):

1911 Dr. E. G. Fenton 1921 E. F. Beecher 1931 Andrew N. Gallie
1912 Dr. E. G. Fenton 1922 E. C. Counsell 1932 Andrew N. Gallie
1913 Max Loewenthal 1923 H. J. Elbourne 1933 R. Littlejohn
1914 H. J. Elbourne 1924 H. J. Elbourne 1934 R. Littlejohn
1915 Robert Gordon Rae 1925 F. L. Bell 1935 R. Littlejohn
1916 J. C. Voak 1926 - 1936 Alec M. Gallie
1917 James Slater 1927 - 1937 Alec M. Gallie
1918 E. F. Beecher 1928 - 1938 Alec M. Gallie
1919 Robert Gordon Rae 1929 - 1939 Alec M. Gallie
1920 Duncan M. Aitchison 1930 H. J. Elbourne    

Sources: (1) 1911 Announcement; (2) 1939 Annual Report
Thanks: Pablo Gustavo Beecher (V-2008)
Last updated: 30-I-2009