The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

+  +  Royal Colonial Institute, 1914-16  +  +
Members residing in Southern Patagonia

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Last, first name Country Location
Bayes, Arthur Bartlett Chile Estancia Gap
Burbury, T R D Chile Punta Arenas
Cameron, Archibald Donald Chile Punta Arenas
Cameron, George R Chile Estancia Merie [Meric?], Punta Arenas
Farr, Wilfrid E Argentina Estancia Cóndor
Foggie, John Henry Chile Punta Arenas
Harris, Lionel Alfred Argentina Santa Cruz
Hurst, George [1914] Argentina Mount Entrance [Monte Entrada], Santa Cruz
McDonald, Allan M Chile Punta Arenas
Milward, C A Chile Punta Arenas
Pye, Ronald H Argentina Estancia Cóndor
Robins, Herbert G Chile Punta Arenas
Robins, James C Chile Punta Arenas
Townsend, Frank H Chile Punta Arenas
Wood, Walter Lovegrove Chile Kimire Aike

Source: "Royal Colonial Institute, Yearbook 1916" [plus one name from the 1914 edition]; http://www.archive.org
Last updated: 24-IX-2010