The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

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Elizabeth Lily McEwan

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In loving memory
beloved wife of Olof F. Lundberg
who died
on 15th June 1916 at Estancia Helena
Río Simpson


I have entered the valley of blessings so sweet,
And Jesus abides with me there,
And His spirit and blood make my cleansing complete,
And His perfect love casteth out fear.

There is peace in the valley of blessing so sweet
And plenty the land doth impart;
And there is rest for the weary, worn travellers' feet
And joy for the sorrowing heart.

Elizabeth McEwan gravestone
Milward visited the area in 1907, reporting that «in the afternoon Mr. Lundberg made an arrangement with a settler up the valley to hire his bullocks to go to Puerto Dun to bring up the carts with Mrs. Lundberg, and I found a peon who was going to Rio Huemules looking for work. I suggested that I should go with him and it was so arranged.»
Pomar (pp. 71,72,80), who inspected the region in 1920, reported that Frederick Olof Lundberg, a native of Finland, had arrived from Última Esperanza in 1906, building the Estancia Elena. His wife, Elizabeth MacEwan, was murdered by the peón Evaristo Miranda, while her husband was absent from the estancia.
family biography
Thanks: Francisco Echaveguren N.
Photographs by the author, IV-2010
Additional sources:
(1) "La concesión del Aisén y el valle Simpson", José M. Pomar, Imprenta Cervantes, Santiago, 1923
(2) "Trip up the River Aysen" (c1907), Charles Milward, available at http://patlibros.org/paem/19080315/vw/ta.htm
Last update: 10-IV-2010