The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

+  +  Rural Cemetery, Estancia Laguna Colorada, Santa Cruz  +  +

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Name Born Died    Age photo Other data from inscription
Aldridge, Arthur Charles 16-VI-1880 2-II-1958   link link
Aldridge, Evelyn Ada 27-XII-1894 13-XI-1972   link link
Aldridge, Jesse   8-XII-2003   link link
Garrard, Leonard Downs 17-XI-1890 14-XI-1954   link link
Garrard, Olive 12-I-1903 20-II-1956   link link
Garrard, Patricia R. María   27-IX-2009   link link
Garrard, Peter Rudd 21-II-1939 29-III-1971   link link

Photos: by author, I-2012
Thanks: Gregory Aldridge (I-2012)
Updated: 10-III-2012