The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

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Name Born Died Age photo Other data from inscription
Bell de Williams, Gertrudis Violeta   24-IV-1545 [1945?]   photo  
Byrnes K., Dora   9-VIII-1983   photo  
Lillo Scott, Elvira M. 7-VIII-1915 14-XI-2008   photo  
Montgomery Mackenzie, Mary  link 22-XII-1890 5-X-1966   photo wife of Neil Morrison Morrison
Morrison Montgomery, Rodrigo  link 9-VIII-1912 9-X-1980   photo  
Morrison Morrison, Neil  link 16-X-1880 16-XI-1966   photo husband of Mary Montgomery Mackenzie
Morrison O., E. J.   28-XI-1929 59 photo  
Rogers, John   11-VIII-1915 35 photo  
Scott, Harri [Harry]   19-II-1907   photo husband of Maria Brusa
Scott Hope, Olivia 20-V-1909 22-IV-1972   photo  
Slattery K., Alberto   8-IV-1958   photo  
Slattery K., Federico   18-II-1969   photo  
Slattery W., James   1-I-1957   photo  
Wooldridge E., Alfredo   8-XI-1931
Wooldridge Wooldridge, Alberto   14-XI-1978   photo  

Updated: 16-XII-2012