The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

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This modern sculpture stands within the cemetery perimeter, facing the entrance gate.

Name Born Died Age photo Other data from inscription
Begg, Martha Harriet   26-VII-1953 79 photo  
Cann, George William 2-XI-1890 3-IX-1975   photo  
Cann Duncan, Alfred Brewer   11-VI-1967
Río Grande
75 photo  
Christmas Lake, Roberto Ernesto 3-V-1896 17-IX-1969   photo  
Gifford, Frederick Thomas 23-IV-1892 11-VII-1963   photo  
Lye, William   14-II-1964
Estancia 'Los Flamencos'
Macdonald, Alejandro J.   6-VII-1964   photo  
Macdonald, Finlay   24-VI-1962   photo  
Macdonald Shaw, Ronald Duncan 31-X-1921 12-IV-2005   photo  
Scott de Almedo, Flora 10-III-1909 26-V-1982   photo siblings: Alicia and Hector
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