The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

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Translation: This cemetery corresonds to settlers and colonists of the former Estancia "San Sebastián" founded in 1895 and its separate sections of "Río Chico" and "Filaret".

Name Born Died Age photo Other data from inscription
Finlayson R., John   26?-X-1929
15 photo  
Gwynne, Ann   11-VIII-1923 31? photo husband Jack Gwynne link
Jacobs, Frank Erich   30-XI-1928
San Sebastián
44? photo  
Kenny, Daniel   6-V-1914   photo  
Macdonald, Donald J. D. [John Duncan] 24-IV-1929 30-VI-1929
Río Chico
2m photo link
O'Rorke, Patrick   [10-IX]-1915   photo  
Wallace [Señora]   29-VII-192[4]   photo  
Wood, Dudley Norman 15-II-[1902] 24-II-1902   photo  

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