The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

Passengers to Britain from Punta Arenas (1913-33)
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Data summarized here is extracted from original ships' manifests. Note: This is a tiny sample of passengers - the total number runs into many thousands. The amount of information recorded varied by shipping company and time period. Year of birth is estimated from age (when provided). The term "child" is uniformly defined as a person between 1 and 11 years of age.

ship travel surname forename sex group born occupation
Highland Watch 1921 Askew May F S[?] F adult 1899  
Highland Watch 1921 Baxter William M adult 1893  
Highland Watch 1921 Bayes Arthur B M adult 1884 farmer
Highland Watch 1921 Bayes Constance F adult 1887  
Highland Watch 1921 Bridges Alicia C F adult 1882  
Oronsa 1915 Brooks Elizabeth F adult  
Oronsa 1915 Brooks Victor M child  
Oronsa 1915 Brooks Winifred F child  
Highland Watch 1921 Burnett John M adult 1888 shepherd
Oronsa 1915 Cave Frank M adult shepherd
Oronsa 1915 Chamberlain William M adult shepherd
Tuscanstar 1923 Duffy   F adult 1861  
Orita 1913 Dunn David M child 1912  
Orita 1913 Dunn Emilie F adult 1899  
Orita 1913 Dunn Fanny F child 1909  
Orita 1913 Dunn Maria F child 1907  
Orita 1913 Dunn Rebecca F adult 1877  
Orita 1913 Dunn Robert M child 1903  
Orita 1913 Dunn Simon M adult 1876 furrier
Orita 1913 Dunn Sophie F child 1906  
Highland Watch 1921 Fidler Frederick M adult 1889 labourer
Highland Watch 1921 Fidler Harry W M adult 1893 labourer
Highland Watch 1921 Greer Leslie R W M adult 1884 farmer
Highland Watch 1921 Gregor James M adult 1884 shepherd
Highland Watch 1921 Hogben Albert M adult 1891 shepherd
Tuscanstar 1923 Irlam C F adult 1895  
Tuscanstar 1923 Irlam R M adult 1882 farmer
Orcoma 1920 Jhamatmal Gopaldas M adult 1905  
Highland Watch 1921 Kelman James M adult 1892 butcher
Oronsa 1915 Kemp John Walker M child  
Oronsa 1915 Kemp Robert M adult shepherd
Oronsa 1915 MacCormick Angus M adult shepherd
Oronsa 1915 Monk Albert M adult shepherd
Highland Watch 1921 Montgomery Donald M adult 1886 mason
Tuscanstar 1923 Patterson E[?] F adult 1874  
Wido 1933 Poirier Arturo M adult 1903 merchant
Tuscanstar 1923 Rathbone V M adult 1896 farmer
Oronsa 1915 Sellwood Edith F adult  
Oronsa 1915 Sellwood Edith F child  
Oronsa 1915 Sellwood James M adult shepherd
Tuscanstar 1923 Smart C M adult 1888 farmer
Highland Watch 1921 Smith John M adult 1892 shepherd
Highland Watch 1921 Smith Malcolm M adult 1896 shepherd
Orcoma 1920 Tarachand Devandas M adult 1887 merchant
Highland Watch 1921 Taylor Harry W M adult 1894 clerk
Highland Watch 1921 Taylor Victor S M adult 1890 shepherd
Tuscanstar 1923 Walker A M F adult 1904 companion
Highland Watch 1921 Walker Florence F adult 1888  
Highland Watch 1921 Wallis Edward M adult 1889 shepherd
Tuscanstar 1923 Weiss F H M adult 1887 works manager
Tuscanstar 1923 Weiss M F child 1919  
Tuscanstar 1923 Weiss N F adult 1886  
Tuscanstar 1923 Weiss P F child 1914  
Highland Watch 1921 Woolford Henry M adult 1893 labourer
Highland Watch 1921 Woolford William G M adult 1891 labourer

Source: UK National Archives:Arrival records
Last updated: 7-V-2011