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Punta Arenas, 1891 -- Civil Unrest
Signatories to Petition

Anderson, Isabella
Bean, Catherine E.
Bean, John
Blake, E. H.
Buckley, D.
Cameron, H.
Clarke, G. H.
Dobrée, Henrietta
Dobrée, Irene
Dobrée, L. G.
Doolan, M.
Douglas, Ann
Douglas, Margaret M.
Douglas, Mary Ann
Douglas, Thomas
Felton, Ch.
Felton, Mary Ann
Felton, Walter
Fox, Arnold
Hunter, A.
Hunter, E.
Hyslopp, Louisa
Jamison, H. W.
Lewis, J. W.
Lohr, Alice & family
Marchant, E.
Mattlich, Robina
Milne, J. S.
Pinkey, Thomas
Reynard, Henry L.
Ruff, John
Ryan, Patrick
Scott, Annie
Scott, Marianne J.
Stokes, Thomas
Warren, Edward
Whait[?], William Henry
Williams, Evelyne
Willis, Hugh
Willis, Kate
Willis, Mary
Yonge, Edward St. for self & family

Source: Public Record Office, Kew
Thanks: Arnold Morrison
Last updated: 7-XII-2002