The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

++  John MacLean, from his brother Roderick (1894)  ++

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Conon Bridge

My dear Brother

I sit down with great pleasure to write you this few lines. I wrote you once before, but it seems you did not get my letter, for you did not answer it. Father wrote you last week, and he told me that he asked you to take me out there, as you want a man whatever. Dear Brother I should like very much to go if you will take me. I have been wishing ever to go out there if I could. I applied for a place in the Falkland Islands, but I did not get it, I did not get word when Father wrote you. but I had word this week, and I lost the place. I hope you will take me, and if ever I can I will pay you back. I dont care what I will have to do, for I will do anything.

I have no news of any importance to say to you just now. We have very good harvest weather here just now, but we have had a very wet summer. I may tell you that Mr. Robertson Achilty died about five or six weeks ago. There is a great many deaths about here this year. We have had a death here last week next door to ourselves. I dont know if you would remember him. Calder to name he was a Carpenter to trade but for many years he supplied coals to the village of Conon. He was a very nice neighbour. All your old Schoolmates are always asking about you. I was speaking to Mr McKintosh the Schoolmaster last week, and he was asking for you. I told him I was wishing to go out there, and he gave me a very good Certificate.

Donald's wife had a young son about a month ago, and they are both doing well. I think he has got a very nice wife. It is high time yourself was getting married now, for you are pretty old now, not an old man of course. You will think that I can hardly remember you, but I mind on you as well as I mind on yesterday. In fact I remember when you got the Telegram to go away. I dont think I have anything more to say just now, as father has told you all the news in his letter. Do try and take me out there if you possibly can. We all join in sending our warmest love to you. I remain

your loving Brother
Roderick McLean
Conon Bridge

Thanks: Juan & Sergio Mac-Lean
Updated: 14-V-2006