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The Giffen School, Punta Arenas (1914--c1922)
Concert in aid of the British Red Cross Society

Work: The Fairy Operetta
Location: Municipal Theatre, Punta Arenas
Date: Saturday evening, 15th December 1917

The roles of King Archibald and Queen Jane were performed by Miss A. Henkes and Miss Lilley (teachers?). Prince Bovril, Princess Semolina, Fairy Setemrite, Ladies of the Court, Courtiers, Pages, Fairies and Blackbirds were played by the following pupils:
Arentsen, Alfred
Gerzen, Ester
Pasinovich, Ada
Arentsen, Astrid
Giffen, Jenny
Pasinovich, Italo
Boyd, Helen
Gimenez, Harry
Perez, Luis
Boyd, Luisa
Gomez, Lola
Pollock, John
Braun, Oscar
Gomez, Maria M.
Riesco, Estela
Cameron, Rowley
Hardy, Bertie
Riesco, Mercedes
Campos, Mary
Hardy, Godfrey
Rotemburg, Lilly
Casaro, Julio
Hardy, Mark
Secul, Solidad
Cooper, Gladys
Henkes, Herman
Sotomayor, Ester
Cooper, Ivy
Henkes, Karel
Sotomayor, Jack
Cordaro, Juanita
Hobbs, Decie
Sotomayor, Rachel
Cubillos, Hector
Hobbs, Nona
Stambuk, Mary
Cubillos, Mary
Hobbs, Olive
Thornhill, Cheyne
Diaz, Alfonso
Jacobs, Freddy
Thornhill, Hannah
Dixon, Willie
Jones, Elena
Thornhill, Mildred
Dukovic, Mirko
Jones, Henry
Thornhill, Pearl
Eterovic, John
Jordan, Mirko
Thornhill, Ruby
Evans, Ernest
Juricic, Bogo
Venegas, Henry
Ewing, Florita
Lee, Amy
Vergara, Anthony
Ewing, Sarita
Lilley, Ellen
Vergara, Elena
France, Maitland
McLeay, Maggie
Vergara, Teresa
Fuglberg, Hilda
Neilsen, Judy
Verlika, Frank
Fuglberg, Ruby
Paravich, Blanche
Verlika, Peter

Source: "The Magellan Times", 13-XII-1917
See also: The Giffen School for Girls, Viña del Mar
Last update: 18-IV-2007