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World War I, 1914-1918
+ + "The Black List", Punta Arenas + +

These companies and individuals, operating in Punta Arenas, appeared on the British Government´s list of prohibited trading partners.


Brinckman & Co. gentlemen's clothing
Chile Austral newspaper
Dübrock & Co. jewellers and watchmakers
Foretich, Natalio builder
Frey & Elkan general merchants
Köster & Volmer []
Pernas Hermanos []
Stubenrauch & Co. merchants, shipping and insurance agents


Anguita Greene, Ignacio lawyer of Bank of Punta Arenas
Blaya Sr., Roque [received merchandise for Stubenrauch and others]
Blaya, Emilio [son and heir of Roque Blaya]
del Río, Delfin employee and front-man for Frey & Elkan
Eggers, R. employee of Walter Kurtze
Koch, H. []
Kurtze, Walter director of Bank of Punta Arenas
Manns, Ernesto director of Bank of Punta Arenas
Meyer, Johann gentlemen's clothing
Müller, Gustavo canning factory?
Pasinovich, José Austrian consul, ex-importer
Pasinovich, Mateo food supplies?, shareholder of newspaper "Chile Austral"
Petersen, Hermuth ironmonger
Stubenrauch, Rodolfo German consul and principal shareholder of Stubenrauch & Co.
Trede, H. bank manager
Ureta, Oscar employee and front-man for Stubenrauch & Co.

Source: "Chile y Gran Bretaña durante la Primera Guerra Mundial y la Postguerra, 1914-1921", Couyoumdjian, Juan Ricardo, Editorial Andres Bello, Santiago, 1986
Updated: 9-VI-2004