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World War I, 1914-1918
Magellan Times, Sample News Items #1


Assassination of a Crown Prince
A profound sensation has been created throughout the world by the dastardly assassination of the Archduke Francis Ferdinand heir to the crown of Austria-Hungary, and his consort the Duchess of Hoenberg. The tragedy occurred at Sarajevo, capital city of Bosnia whilst the Archduke and Duchess were driving through the streets. Two attempts were made. A bomb was first thrown which struck the Archduke, but exploded behind him wounding two of his suite and six persons in the crowd. After receiving an address of welcome from the Mayor of the City, the royal visitors started for the hospital to visit the victims of the bomb explosion. It was then that the second and successful attempt was made this time with a Browning pistol, bullets from which struck the Archduke and the Duchess causing death in a few moments. The authors of both outrages were arrested. The actual murderer was a student named Prinzip, a native of Montenegro. Messages of condolence have been sent to the aged Emperor from the rulers of every civilised country in the world. The political situation by the assassination of the Archduke is causing considerable apprehension. The new heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary the Archduke Charles Francis, is to represent the Emperor at the funeral of the murdered Archduke Francis and the Duchess Sophia. The German Emperor will also be present. Prince Arthur of Connaught is to represent the British Royal Family.   [22 July 1914]
Austria have declared war with Servia.   [26 July 1914]
Germany has sent an ultimatum to Belgium demanding the right to pass their troops through her territory to which the Belgian Government has replied by mobilising her army to the last man.   [3 August 1914]
The King of the Belgians has sent a telegram to King George asking for the assistance of Britain, the Country being in great danger. Australia has cabled offering 20,000 men to proceed home.
England has declared war against Germany.   [4 August 1914]
No definite news has yet come to hand of Continental battles. The War Office have published a proclamation beginning The King and country have deemed it necessary to call to arms all unmarried men between the ages of 18 and 30. 200,000 British troops are prepared to leave for Belgium any moment, under General Sir John French.   [6 August 1914]
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