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World War I, 1914-1918
Magellan Times, Sample News Items #2


The reports of the treatment of the German private by the German officer in the field and too numerous and circumstantial to be set aside as fictions or the result of illusion, and it seems fairly evident that the reckless squandering of human life by the German method of attacking in mass formation has been freely indulged in not because the German infantry is fearless of its foes in front, but because it is fearful of its officers behind, who are reported to use their swords and pistols on their men at the slightest sign of wavering. It seems that the much-vaunted military machine of the Prussians has such intrinsic defects that the wonder is not that it has failed to justify its boasts, and the boasts of its admirers, but that it has done as well as it has done. A host driven like cattle to the slaughter is not a host with which even a Caesar or an Alexander could conquer the world.   [29 October 1914]
A number of people in town [Punta Arenas] are wondering why so much signalling by flash light goes on at night, notably in the vicinity of the German club. Our innocent office boy nearly violated the laws of neutrality by stating it as his opinion that this means was adopted to communicate with the German ships in the bay, whereas, of course, it is merely an enthusiastic boy scout perfecting himself in the art of morse signalling. [26 November 1914]
Britishers; Stand shoulder to shoulder in the crisis through which your country is passing. We live in a neutral Republic but we may each and all do some thing to help those we love and can render incalculable services to the old country. Our enemies have no scruples whatever in violating the laws of this hospitable Republic, but we can defeat them and will do it and that without doing anything illegal.
There are any number of loyal hearts in the Territory and anything that may come to your knowledge, use it to the utmost of your power to defeat those whose only desire is to see us go under. Remember the 1300 brave fellows at the bottom of the sea, off Coronel whom the Germans made not the slightest attempt to save «because it was too dark». Do not be deceived, they would do the same to all of us, if they had the chance. Even a cursory study of their writings will show you that.
In the words of our Grand Old National Anthem let us
«Confound their politics
«Frustrate their knavish tricks
«God save the King.
[3 December 1914]
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