The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

++  Frank Clapcott (c1865-1946)  ++
Early Patagonian Shepherd

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Frank Clapcott was born in New Zealand, probably in 1865. As a young man he came to Patagonia, where he worked for many years on the ranches of the Menéndez family. He was noted for his gift with animals, which were docile under his care and direction. His final years were spent at Estancia «María Behety», in Tierra del Fuego. He was buried at Río Grande in 1946.

exhibition ram

Frank Clapcott, en una de las últimas exposiciones ganaderas de Magallanes. — Exhibe ante el Jurado un carnero de raza Romney Marsh, que fue clasificado Campeón y Primer Premio en aquel certamen.

Source: Revista "Menéndez Behety", May 1932, No. 101, pp. 15-17
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