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Early Estancias of Southern Patagonia (work in progress)

building beside lake

List of Estancias

Southern Patagonia covers some two hundred thousand square miles, so a complete list of estancias is a large undertaking. Since the British presence (individual and corporate) was strongest in the first decades of development, this site will focus principally on the period prior to 1930. Subsequent agrarian reforms have produced significant sub-division of the early latifundios (large estates), and the nationality demographics of ownership is radically different nowadays.

The estancias listed here are located principally in southern Santa Cruz province (Argentina) and Magallanes (Chile). Further historical information (especially for central and northern Santa Cruz, and Tierra del Fuego) would be welcome. Another compilation (in Spanish) is available on Ricardo Drault's website.

Principal Sources:
(1) La Patagonia Trágica, Borrero, Peña Lillo, 1999 (orig. pub. 1928)
(2) Las Estancias Magallanicas, Benavides et al., Universidad de Chile, 1999
(3) "British Settlers in the Far-South of Argentina", Jeremy Howat, link
Last updated: 14-II-2010