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Troops of Horses (1906)

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Prior to the 20th century, and the development of physical infrastructure (roads, bridges, ferries etc.), the horse was the sole means of transport in rural Patagonia. It was the practice of the large ranching companies to assign "troops" of horses to designated employees, for their care and personal use.

Horses (especially pedigree race-horses) are given distinctive names. In the case illustrated below, their names were used for a more prosaic purpose — stock-control. Along with the surnames of the respective employees, this inventory provides an amusing collection of names, both English and Spanish. They are transcribed as written in the original ledger book.

Horses at Estancia Cullen, 1906

Milligan 5 Toruno, Jean, Rosy, Bessie, Money
Morrison 8 Steamer, Morgan, Old zaino, Zarco, Nigger, Picazo, Pampa, Shater
Stewart 5 Doctor II, Kitty, Johnnie Cope, Prince, Bayo
Tait 6 Stouter, Molly, Alazan, Ruana, Fltaway, Tubby
Thomson 7 Rattler, Joiner, Sara Braun, Sally, The Flea, Baya, Goggles
Gunn 6 Zaina mare, Alazan mare, Manchada mare, Rosada mare, Muldoon, Colorado
Bailey 6 Johnnie, Buff Bill, Twala, Lassie, Petizo, Tostado mare
Brenchley 6 Donkey, Walker, Sam, Rio Chico, Rosado mare, Zaina mare
Maclean 6 Nancy, Vapor, Abbot, Zebruno, Comasaria, Blanco ne[...]
Bright 6 Mike, Zaino, Archie, Schnapps, Punch, Rainbow
Gordon 6 Colonel, Leader, Splitears, Don Pedro, Mestizo, Colorado
Muñoz 9 Blanco, Stockings, Black Jock, Empacador, Colorado, Moro, Colorado mare, Corruro, Rosado
Copland 9 Moro, Blanco, Engineer, Springer, Cigarette, Sweetheart, Jacob, Lassie II, Rupert
Bourne 3 Jimmie, Splatter, Moro mare
C F Wood 13 Buller, Pike, Spider, Klondyke, San toy, Grace, Roper, Diego, Raton, Peter + 3 San Seb colts
Spare Troop 12 Milavich, Ramon, Mechanic, Dick, Maté, Laurie, Kruger, Daley, Cubby, Moro mare, Duckling & Bally
Cart horses 4 Gladstone, Doctor, Yegua, Dobbin
Total 119  
Source: Estancia Cullen ledger book;inventory dated 31-VIII-1906
Thanks: Errol O'Byrne (III-2014)
Created: 13-I-2015
Updated: 13-I-2015