The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

+  +  Region of San Julián, Santa Cruz Province +  +
Chronology: First settlers (1885-1903)

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Notice the predominance of British surnames: many were Scots coming from the Falklands [Malvinas].

Year Name Location Information
1889 Munro, Donald Cañadón Paraguay (group) ship from Falklands, bringing sheep; Ray and Giles departed; 1898 McCaskill died in Paraguay; 1900 Munro died
Ray, John M
Giles, Robert
McCaskill, John
MacLean, John Cañadón Coronel member of group driving sheep and horses overland from Río Negro; others (Hamilton, Saunders, Jamieson, MacGeorge) continued to Gallegos area
La Colmena sold to Hope
1890 Hope, William La Colmena (group) 2 years overland from Río Negro, driving sheep; (later) Hope founded El Rincón
Morrison, Alex
Mackay, John
Wilson, Simon
1890+ Frazer, John La Colmena bought from Hope
Wallace, George    
Arnold brothers
(Ernest + ?)
Cañadón 11 de Septiembre 3 years overland from Río Negro, driving sheep
1892 Blake, Robert San Julián (from Falklands) business partner of Munro; occasional visitor
1893+ Patterson brothers (Robert + William) La Colmena from Falklands, vía Punta Arenas, Ea. Cañadón de las Vacas
Mata Grande (later) founded estancia
1894 Kyle, Andrew Darwin Station from Falklands
1897 Reid, William San Julián first store, with Behm (sold 1898 to Lippert & Munro)
Behm, Ernest
Lippert, William    
1899 Rivero, Juan San Julián first mail service to Río Gallegos
1900 Müller, Hans San Julián (from Hamburg) opened store
1901 Bucich, Andrés San Julián opened "fonda"
Wallace, Janet San Julián widow; opened Hotel Miramar
No further data specified
  Anderson, George    
  Braun, Mauricio Orren Aike non-resident
  Cap. Station
  Denholm, Thomas    
  Gloak, William Malacara  
  Mackeprang, Hans Cañadón Pardo with Veley
  Scott, John Los Machos  

Source: "1901-2001 Centenario de Puerto San Julián", Tomo I
Updated: 3-V-2010