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Sociedad Explotadora de Tierra del Fuego (SETF)
Long-Service Employees (1943)

name position working at
Cara, Kenneth surveyor Punta Arenas
Clarke, Edgar mechanical engineer Punta Arenas
Delgado, Robinson chief of shareholder section Valparaíso
Dick, Tomás [Thomas] manager Frigorífico Bories
Fadic, Nicolás sub-accountant Valparaíso
Grothe, Federico Carlos accountant Valparaíso
Maddams, L. H. manager Ea. San Sebastián
Matheson, Roderick accountant Ea. Bories
Miquel, Juan I. agent Santiago
Morrison, W. J. manager Ea. Bories
Navea, Manuel office manager? Valparaíso
Nicholls, H. C. chief of supply / warehouse section? Punta Arenas
Nilsson, Oscar accountant Ea. Caleta Josefina
Piggot, E. J. manager Ea. Caleta Josefina
Sone, Santiago accountant Punta Arenas
Trehern, M. S. manager Ea. Oazy Harbour
Williams, S. C. secretary Punta Arenas

Source: "Sociedad Explotadora de Tierra del Fuego 1893-1943", Fernando Durán, Valparaíso, 1943
Last update: 16 Mar 2002