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Sociedad Explotadora de Tierra del Fuego (SETF)
"British" Personnel, Última Esperanza, 1923

Frigorífico Bories
Robert Runyard
Frigorífico Bories, 1994

In September 1923, the Sociedad Explotadora de Tierra del Fuego celebrated the 30th anniversary of its foundation. The Company commissioned Andrés Ribas (editor of the newspaper "El Natales") to produce a photographic record of its regional operations. This "Album Última Esperanza" includes many of the personnel, from shepherd to general manager. The management cadre was predominantly "anglo"; local nationals were represented in some positions of responsibility at the lower levels. The following names sound "British", and the majority undoubtedly were so.

name description
Black, Charles Apprentice Engineer, Frigorífico Bories
Black, John Electrical Engineer, Frigorífico Bories
Burbury, T. R. D. [c1869] born Wendley, Worcestershire; 1897 arrived in the Territory of Magallanes, and began his career with SETF as apprentice shepherd at Ea. Caleta Josefina; 1908 Manager of Ea. Cerro Castillo; 1913 General Under-Manager; 1915 General Manager for Magallanes; 25 July 1923 died in England (age 54) while on a medical visit.
Burgess, W. G. Employee, Ea. Fuentes del Coyle
Cairns, R. W. Foreman [Capataz], Tannery, Frigorífico Bories
Clifton, William Shepherd, Ea. Fuentes del Coyle
Coles, Hugh [Hugo] L. Management Trainee [Cadete], Ea. Bories
Dick, Thomas since 1919 Manager, Frigorífico Bories
Don, William Engineer & Chief Machinist [Cerro Castillo]
Dunican, Anthony General Foreman, Ea. Fuentes del Coyle
Dunican, Joseph Foreman [Capataz], Ea. Bories
Emmott, William Section Manager, "Chorrillo Creek"
Garnham, W. Chief Engineer, Frigorífico Bories since its foundation (c1910)
Greer, Leslie R. W. on 24 Sep 1923 appointed SETF General Manager for Magallanes
Joice [Joyce?], J. B. Accountant, Frigorífico Bories
Lates, Leo Post [Puesto] Manager, "La Fina"
MacKay, Malcolm Section Manager, "Lazo"
MacKenzie, Kenneth Section Manager, "El Tranquilo"
MacLean, Alexander Foreman Shepherd, "El Tranquilo"
MacLeod, Don Quality Controller [Aprobador] of Fleeces, Frigorífico Bories
MacRac [MacRae?], Valentine Section Manager, "Dos Lagunas"
Maddams, I. H. Manager [Administrador], Ea. Cerro Guido
McCormik [McCormick?], David Foreman Carter [Cerro Castillo?]
Morrison, Walter J. Manager [Administrador], Ea. Bories
O'Brien, H. Under-Manager, Ea. Cerro Castillo
Piggot, Ernest James [Santiago] Manager [Administrador], Ea. Cerro Castillo
Rice, William Post [Puesto] Manager, "Cañadón"
Robinson, H. Engineer, Tannery, Frigorífico Bories
Smart, Leonard Shepherd, "Lazo"
Smith, Ernest Section Manager, "Laguna Amarga"
Steweson, C. J. Chief, Tannery, Frigorífico Bories
Torbes [Forbes?], William Shepherd, "Dos Lagunas"
Turner, J. F. Foreman Shepherd [Cerro Castillo]
Turner, J. J. Foreman Shepherd, "Karke"
Wallis, E. Section Manager, "Karke"

Source: "Álbum Última Esperanza", A. Ribas, c1924
Last update: 27-II-2011