The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

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E–BOOK + PAPER COPY: Patagonia Wild and Free - memories of William GREENWOOD

Burial marker of Mary Ann Varder (1842-1922), widow of Rev. Thomas Bridges

"Synopsis of 28 years in the Baker" by Lucas Bridges (1916-1944)

Two more watercolours by Zillah Goudie

Short-lived Gold Fever at Cabo Vírgenes (1886)

Unfortunate Indian prisoners bound for Buenos Aires (1886)


Shackleton expedition signatures at First Fire Company, Punta Arenas (1916)

31 people mentioned by Robert Riddell in his book "First Love - Last Hope" (1909-1914)

Members of "Rivadavia" Masonic Lodge, Río Gallegos (1920-1944) [in Spanish]