The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

Puerto San Julián: Foundation / Fundación, 1903
"British" applicants for lots / "Británicos" que solicitaron terrenos

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Applicant / Solicitante Block / Manzana
Arnold, Ernesto [Ernest] 117
Barnetson, David family 117
Charles, David (British?) 117
Chase, Eduardo
[Edward Chace, North American]
Denholm, Thomas 87
Frazer, John family 120
Frazer, John Bruce family 121
Freeman, Federico [Frederick] 86
Hope, Guillermo [William] 82
Kyle, Andrés [Andrew] 151
Kyle, James 82
Lippert y Munro [Munro, Donald] 150
Medland, Jorge E [George E] 85
Patterson, Guillermo [William] family 118
Patterson, Jorge [George] family 121
Patterson, Roberto [Robert] family 86
Perkins, Emma 54
The San Julián Sheep Farming
[Company] [Blake, Robert]
Wallace, Janet family 83
Wallace, Jorge [George] family 121
Warne, Eleonor F S
[Eleanor Francis Sarah, wife of Fournier]
Warne de Hope, E M L
[Elizabeth Mary Louisa, 2nd wife of William Hope]
Wolven, Jorge [Woolven, George] 87
Source / Fuente: "1901-2001 Centenario de Puerto San Julián", Tomo I
Updated / Actualizado: 1-V-2010