The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

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"Anglo" names from the book by Herbert Childs

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James Radburne was born in 1874 in Inkpen, Berkshire, the son of a farm labourer. At the age of 18 he was hired by the Waldron family to work on a ranch in Tierra del Fuego. Adapting rapidly to the rough-and-tumble lifestyle prevalent in those early days, he moved easily between one seasonal employment and another in Magallanes Territory. Eventually he married a Tehuelche woman, settling in the Argentine cordillera beside Lago San Martín; short family bio

In 1932, "El Jimmy" (as he became known) wrote to the Barretts, who had recently published a biography of another Patagonian character, Ned Chace, inviting them to write his biography also. They in turn contacted Herbert Childs and his wife Marjorie, who accepted the invitation, travelling to meet Radburne on his ranch, Estancia Nana, Santa Cruz Province. Their book is based on conversations over a period of five months.

The people mentioned by Jimmy and listed here either were British, or had "anglo"-sounding names. The reader should be cautious in interpreting these anecdotes, since names and events recalled in later life may have suffered some distortion.

Note: Jimmy's surname has been rendered in various ways, including Radbourn, Radborne and Radboone. He referred to himself as Santiago, the Spanish form of his first name. Page numbers (below) refer to the book's first edition.

  ----- first reference ---------------  
last/first name page year location information
"Black Jock" 128 c1898 n/a Scotsman
"Cockeyed George" 126 1890s n/a Englishman; good walker
"Gordos" 343 c1910 Ea. La Maipú (apparently) nickname for Giles and Carpenter
"Jones Grande" 146 1900 Ea. Oazy Harbour capable jockey; (p217) met Jimmy near Río Zurdo; (p299) helped to bury Cacique Mulato
"Jumbo Clark" 215 c1901 Ea. Pecket Harbour in charge of horses
"Long Alec" 125 c1895 Ea. Oazy Harbour North American Gayhead Indian [New England Wampanoag nation]; cook; prodigious walker
"Pato Palo" 249 c1901 Ea. Río Zurdo Englishman with wooden leg
[MacLean?], Colin 119 1896 Punta Arenas ran Caledonian Hotel
Bell, Lorenzo 255 c1901 Cañadón Suárez Argentine gaucho; guided Jimmy across Mata Negra pampa
Berrington, 76   n/a captain of US sealer "Sarah Hunt"
Bramble, Dick 80 c1893 Ea. Springhill shepherd
Braxton, Toby 50 1892 n/a shipmate of Jimmy's on voyage to Punta Arenas; contracted by Waldron & Wood in Tierra del Fuego; (before 1932) settled on Chilean side of Lago San Martín; raised sheep
Cameron, [John] 86 1894 Ea. Laguna Romero part owner of estancia
Campbell, 373 c1923 Piedra Clavada rider
Campbell, Archie 95 1894 Ea. Oazy Harbour American; runaway sailor
Carpenter, 335 c1907 Ea. La Maipú partner of Giles; (p336) 1908 returned to Patagonia; (p362) c1914 obtained 8 leagues of land beside Lago San Martín
Chace, Ned 15   n/a North American; subject of book "A Yankee in Patagonia" by Robert & Katherine Barrett; (p360) c1914 explored Lago San Martín by boat
Chapman, 336 1907 Ea. La Maipú gaucho; Argentine of British parents
Collier, Charlie 85 1894 Ea. Laguna Romero shanty shepherd; married
Davis, Bill 128 c1898 n/a horse trainer
Doherty, Johnny 379 1929 Puerto Santa Cruz n/a
Douglas, 242 c1901 Ea. Esperanza farmer
Douglas, Tom 85 1894 Ea. Laguna Romero shanty shepherd; married
Downer, Bill 60   n/a from Newfoundland; (c1890) shipwrecked off Tierra del Fuego; (1892) worked at Ea. Springhill; (p77) ran the estancia's cutter; (p106) at Ea. Dinamarquero; (p321) 1906 met Jimmy at Laguna Escondida; ranch partner of O'Keefe and Wilson; (p348) 1913 worked new farm on pampa
Felton, 379 1929 Puerto Santa Cruz hotel owner; married
Ferrier, 86 1894 Ea. Laguna Romero proficient horse tamer; (p93) to Ea. Pecket Harpour
Finger, Charlie 88 1894 Ea. Laguna Romero ran boliche
Ford, Bill 339 c1908 Isla Doble applied for title to land; (p340) looked after Jimmy's sheep
Giles, [Alfred] 127 1897 Ultima Esperanza settler; met Jimmy; (p334) c1908 arrived at Lago San Martín from south; known to Jimmy in England; (p335) bought Maipú land in Buenos Aires
Gray, 195 c1901 Punta Arenas North American businessman
Hardy, Frank 108 1895 Ea. Dinamarquero n/a
Harris, Lionel 331 c1907 Ea. La Elena n/a
Harris, Walter + brother [George?] 146 1900 Ea. Oazy Harbour ran small farm nearby
Hazleup [Hyslop], Sam 66   n/a Indian hunter; of English descent; came to Tierra del Fuego from Falklands; good horseman; proficient with lasso; (p70) received several arrow wounds; (p71) said to have died by being pushed off a cliff
Hope, Bill 120 1896 Punta Arenas sheep farmer at San Julián
Hunter, 94 1894 Ea. Oazy Harbour farm manager; claimed to be American, but thought to be Dutch; capable horse tamer/ blacksmith/ cook/ shearer
Johnson, Harry 131 1899 Ultima Esperanza grazed Jimmy's sheep on his pasture; (p304) 1905 bought most of the sheep
Lewis, Frank 377 1929 Puerto Santa Cruz owned Ea. Margarita
Lively brothers 307 c1906 Chilean Patagonia went north into Argentina
Lively, Betty 38 1932 Ea. Nana daughter of one of the Lively brothers
Lively, Bill 229 1901 Tres Pasos (p134) 1907 invited Jimmy to Ea. La Elena
Lively, Bob 325 1907 Ea. La Elena (p340) lodged in Puerto Santa Cruz
Lively, Hugo 35 1932 Ea. La Elena owner; (p36) from Sussex; (p331) c1907 arrived from England; (p380) arrived at Puerto Santa Cruz from England; married
Louis [Lewis?], James 55 1892 Punta Arenas from Falklands; hotelier and storekeeper; married
MacBean, Donald 343 c1910 Ea. La Elena owned small farm at Piedra Clavada
MacDonald, 66   n/a Indian hunter
MacDonald, Alec 113 c1895 Cabeza del Mar hotelkeeper; married
MacDonald, Maggie 113 c1895 Cabeza del Mar niece of Alec MacDonald
Macintosh, 140 c1899 Ea. Oazy Harbour Scotsman
MacLean, 113 c1895 Punta Arenas supplied horses
MacLeod, 93 1894 Ea. Laguna Romero farm manager
MacVittie, 35 1932 Ea. Viedma Tercera manager; married
MacVittie, Miriam Daphne 391 1933 Ea. Viedma Tercera daughter of the MacVitties
Marshall, 305 c1905 Laguna Laura English settler; married to a Tehuelche
McGinty, 139 c1899 Ea. Oazy Harbour occasional shearer
Morris, 105 1895 Ea. Dinamarquero ran boliche; married
Morrison, [Alexander?] 112 c1895 Laguna Larga rancher; (p114) travelled to Río Zurdo
Morrison, [Alexander] 156 1900 Ea. Río Penitente rancher
Nicholson, Malcolm 127 1898 n/a contracted to manage 600 sheep for Jimmy; (p131) 1899 in Ultima Esperanza
O'Keefe, Jack 322 1906 Río de la Vueltas ranch partner of Downer and Wilson
Pitaluga, Dick 331 c1907 Ea. La Elena gaucho
Potter, 59 1892 Punta Arenas captain of schooner "Louisa"; (p60) supplied estancias and miners in Tierra del Fuego; (p61) reportedly scuttled ship off Atlantic coast and departed via Falklands; said to have been in Newfoundland
Radburne, Arturo 49 1932 Ea. Nana son of Jimmy; spoke only Spanish; 14 years old (in 1932); (p368) (presumably the child born in 1918)
Radburne, Catalina 346 1912 Ea. Nana daughter of Jimmy, born 1912; (p389) married a Chilean
Radburne, Enrique 338 c1911 Ea. Nana son of Jimmy, born c1911; (p365) went to school in Paso Ibáñez
Radburne, Henry 42 1932 Ea. Nana father of Jimmy; prize fighter (as a young man); gamekeeper; (p43) died when Jimmy was 17
Radburne, James 13 n/a n/a [the book's protagonist] born 1874 at Inkpen, Berkshire; (pp. 36, 48, 49) married (1913) to Tehuelche woman (Juana), who spoke Spanish but no English
Radburne, Jorge [George] 36 1932 Ea. Nana younger son of Jimmy; didn't speak English well; (p349) born 1913 in Puerto Santa Cruz
Radburne, Juanita 48 1932 Ea. Nana daughter of Jimmy; spoke only Spanish; (p375) (presumably born c1919)
Radburne, Maria 49 1932 Ea. Nana daughter of Jimmy; spoke only Spanish; younger than Arturo
Radburne, Miguel 49 1932 Ea. Nana son of Jimmy; spoke only Spanish; younger than Arturo; (p373) born 1925
Radburne, Nana 48 1932 Ea. Nana daughter of Jimmy; (p49) renowned horsewoman and tamer; spoke English; (p328) born 1907; (p365) went to school in Paso Ibáñez; (p389) married an Englishman; separated after their child was born
Radburne, Santiago 36 1932 Ea. Nana older son of Jimmy; spoke English well; (p334) born 1909; (p365) went to school in Paso Ibáñez
Reynard, [Henry] 93 1894 Ea. Oazy Harbour owned 100,000 sheep and hundreds of cattle and horses; renowned for providing good working conditions
Ross, Peter 170 c1901 n/a farm manager; gave Jimmy colts to tame
Sargent, Gilbert 255 c1901 Ea. Ruben Aike shanty shepherd
Saxby, 255 c1901 Ea. Ruben Aike ranch manager
Scott, 157 1900 Ea. Bella Vista (p299) had cattle
Sinclair, 340 1910 Puerto Santa Cruz agent; (p372) 1922 died
Stewart, 121 1896 Punta Arenas n/a
Swinhoe, Bill 77 1893 Ea. Springhill good boxer; (p81) III-1894 left Springhill with Jimmy; (p84) took job at Cabeza del Mar; (p133) farm manager at Río Zurdo; visited Tehuelches with El Jimmy; (p150) 1900 at horse race near Oazy Harbour
Swinhoe, Ernest 77 1893 Ea. Springhill stationed at "The Point"; (p114) travelled with Jimmy from Cabeza del Mar to Pozo de la Reina; (p115) ran boliche at Laguna Romero
Taylor, 116 c1895 Ea. Oazy Harbour Australian; in charge of farm shed
Thompson, 128 c1898 n/a recently arrived from Falklands; very good jockey
Treehorn [Trehern?], 365 1917 Ea. Viedma Primera general manager for Menéndez estancias Viedma Primera/ Segunda/ Tercera
Wales, Jo [Ernest?] 62 1892 Ea. Springhill joint manager (with brother Monty)
Wales, Monty [Montague] 62 1892 Ea. Springhill joint manager (with brother Jo)
Wallace, 50 1892 Tierra del Fuego went to work for Waldron & Wood
Williams, Ned 71   n/a English; said to have been killed by Indians (after 1894)
Wilson, Charlie 322 1906 Río de la Vueltas ranch partner of Downer and O'Keefe; (p323) sent bullock cart to Puerto Santa Cruz
Young, [Stanton-Yonge, Edward] 118 c1895 Ea. Fenton Station imported pedigree Lincolm rams from England

Source: "El Jimmy, Outlaw of Patagonia", Herbert Childs, J B Lippincott Company, 1936
Last updated: 12-IV-2010